Sewn things in use


The fishing vests have been getting some action.



August 1, 2012 · 6:58 am

11 responses to “Sewn things in use

  1. What a great summer, eh? That’s a keeper pic to remember this great weather from this year. (Besides the freak hailstorms.)

  2. man i hope so!!!!!

    seriously, who ever thought fishing vests could be cute. your girls are working these like (pre?) teen vogue.

  3. awesome and i agree with oona, those are tween vogue worthy!

  4. Your girls have style. I tell my anti-fashion friends that style has little to do with fashion and everything to do with being yourself.

    • Style, they do have. Although Syo’s wearing her wet suit, which she hates, under the fishing vest in this picture. The most stressful part about these outings is getting the kids wearing something appropriate…

  5. Those looks super cute and so professional (at least from this distance!); how lucky are your girls to have such an awesome mom!

  6. Action shot and all. And the vests looks GREAT!

  7. Awesome! And great shot! 🙂

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