And now for something completely different.

The pattern.

I am a busy woman. I have made promises.


And I have been reminded of them.

Vests kinda like this.

Namely, I said (oh, back in April) that I’d make my kids fishing vests.

Yes, fishing vests. Those things with all the zillion cargo pockets. No, I wasn’t thinking it through. On the other hand, the kids’ ones are insanely expensive.

Vest pattern

So last night, rather than working on yet another dress, I hunted through the box of kids’ patterns and eventually settled on the vest from this one. It’s a size 8, so technically it will either be big on Syo or small on Tyo. I’m vaguely hopeful it’ll fit both*. We’ll see.

The rough pattern

I traced out the pattern along the stitching lines (hooray for one-size patterns!) and started laying out my extras: zipper inserts, pockets, bits and bobs. Then I traced all the individual pieces separately, added seam-allowances, and tried not to flake out about which pieces I need to cut two, four, or eight times. Fabric of choice (at least for this version) is a lightweight not-actually-camo-print twill originally purchased to replace these capris of Tyo’s. Hopefully I’ll have enough for the vest and the capris, because heaven and earth will tremble if I don’t. Before I start assembly I need to pick up a few more zippers (my plan calls for five or six, depending on whether I can locate 6″ separating zippers) and maybe some other fun bits of hardware—a few D-rings, at any rate. I have also written myself out a construction order, otherwise I’ll never remember things like adding velcro to the pocket flaps.

The drafting actually went pretty quickly. We’ll see how I do with the actual construction.

*I should point out here than until Tyo’s recent, um, developments, she and Syo had almost the same ribcage measurement. Tyo is three years older and plenty taller, but she takes after the pear-shapes in her father’s family, with a narrow ribcage. Syo, on the other hand, is leaning towards my kind of broad-shouldered shape.



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11 responses to “And now for something completely different.

  1. Well this is definitely less ridiculous. 😉 Does it get more functional than a multi-pocketed fishing vest? You are braver than I with all those pockets but I’m sure the end result will be loved (and cheaper!).

  2. I can’t wait to see it.

  3. My kids would go bonkers for this. And I would go bonkers when I had to empty all the pockets to do laundry.

  4. Oh man, all those pockets… you are super mom!

  5. I made a fishing vest for my husband about 12 years ago. It was fun. more like quilting than sewing a garment,

  6. I’ve just discovered your blog – and very happy to find these kid fishing vest posts. My Miss 7 (Giselle) is mad for fishing with her fly fishing obsessed father (who is away fly fishing this weekend). I’m putting this on my ‘list’. Giselle will adore it!

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