Desperate little bits

Little Bits

Sewing has been happening, in lots of desperate little bits.

This weekend we are going to my husband’s grandfather’s funeral. My husband wasn’t particularly close with his grandfather, and the passing was not entirely unexpected, but it does mean we’re going to be seeing a couple of little cousins we don’t often see, including the intended recipient of the Sweet Little Dress. Unfortunately, upon consideration, I remembered that said little cousin, while a slender member of her age-group, still gives Syo hand-me-downs… so I nerved myself to make another sweet dress, in the size up (size 140, for reference). As per usual, making something the second time tends to allow me to skip things and otherwise screw up—there have been a few improvements, but a lot of growling and even unnecessary hand-stitching.

And since we’re giving her a hand-made present, her little baby cousin, who was born last winter, should probably get something hand-made as well. Assuming I can pull that off tonight (I do like some of the baby-boy pants in this Patrones issue). /sigh. And because I should have been doing that, I’ve been working in frantic little spurts on the thing for me, which photographed as featureless black, so you’ll have to guess what it is. 😉

Oh, and Tyo has been desperate to work on a project for school, which we’ll have photos of tonight, maybe.

I don’t really like working on multiple projects at once. I feel like I don’t really get in the zone with any of them. Tonight, I really have to prioritize and get the presents DONE. But right now I’d probably better get my butt in gear so I can put in a reasonable day’s work and still have a bit of time to sew tonight.




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13 responses to “Desperate little bits

  1. Fingers crossed for you! I feel the same way about multiple projects.

  2. I also don’t like to have too many projects at the same time, but unfortunately I haven’t had the luxury of one-at-a-time lately. I have about 8 skating costumes I am making for other people, and they all need to get done within a few weeks. Since I have to fit them at different times, and I need multiple fittings, I have to work on a lot of them at once. To make matters worse, for a lot of them I have to use club approved fabrics, which they ran out of, so I can’t really progress with these projects until I get more fabric. I have been working assembly line style when I can, and it seems to be a bit faster than doing one things at a time. On the other hand, right now I probably have about 10 fabrics and 80 cut pieces I have to keep track of, and all of my living/sewing spaces are a total mess! So, in short, I understand your frustrations. Especially when you have a deadline on stuff you need to sew, but it doesn’t match up with the stuff you *want* to sew.

  3. I get really focused in on projects, so I absolutely hate working on multiple pieces at once. In fact, I get pretty snappish when my husband interrupts me in the middle of a project to say something like, oh, it’s 9pm and we haven’t had dinner yet, or it’s 2am and you need to sleep. Also I hate keeping track of multiple pieces from multiple projects!

    So…does that mean you have two identical sweet little dresses?

    • hehe. I rarely get to enjoy that “zone”… but it is sweet, yes it is. Most sewing around here happens in 20 minute snatches just after the kids are in bed…

  4. I’m not keen on multiple projects either. Really, it means that something has moved to UFO status if I don’t keep at it. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. At least little projects will be (hopefully) quick to finish so you can get back to the main project.
    Sorry to hear about the grandfather-in-law passing. At a certain age, funerals really can be a celebration of all that was fit into one life and families can reconnect.

    • Yeah, I have a horror of UFOs (and several in the pile right now aside from these…) They hopefully won’t take long. The little dress just needs its lining…

  5. Awww! Another little dress? Lovely. 🙂

    • Yep. I was trying to come up with something to make this one just a little different, but couldn’t muster the creativity. So, the same. Aside from the booboos. 😛 🙂

  6. Oh dear, project sewing! I never enjoy it, no matter how easy the project. I really should just tell people I’m another Selfish Seamstress….

    Sorry to hear about the funeral, although my family uses them for impromptu get-togethers as well (everybody is old as the hills and “ready to go”).

  7. Oh I hear you about desperate sewing and multiple things and and and. Am glad you are getting some time doing stitching though fingers crossed things settle down soon. Good luck this weekend.

  8. fingers crossed for you lady!! but i feel certain you’ll finish in the nick of time! i want to sew but am leaving this wednesday for a national conference and only started my poster yesterday… my PI is less than thrilled, but not surprised. thankfully a labbie is going as well, so she’s been busy proofing the other poster!

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