My pre-stitched fabric

Pre-stitched fabric

Some people expressed a desire to see the dress I bought (aka pre-stitched fabric) while back home for May Long, actually on a body. It’s “vintage” in that it’s a fairly timeless style and came from a vintage clothing store—as I said before, if it’s older than a couple of decades I’d be extremely surprised.

These are not the best photos, mostly because it was a work-from-home day and my hair was pretty abysmal. I need a haircut in the worst way right now, and while I can still coax it into a fun style, it’s not long-lasting and takes a lot of work. This day, I did not put in all that work.


This dress has the exact feature that set me off on Project Drop-Waist, the full skirt beginning at waist. It’s still a little touch and go, but I think the fact that this one is pleated rather than gathered and not overly full, helps a lot.

Back view

I even tried to take pictures outside, but wound up all squinty, so I’ll just give you this rear shot highlighting my lop-sided self-tied bow and complete failure to make appropriate use of my iron. Also, I could totally do a better invisible zipper. πŸ™‚

There’s some horizontal wrinkling on the bodice, partly because it’s tight, and partly because it’s (zomg*) too long. By shortening the straps I can get the waist to end at my waist, but it still comes quite (almost uncomfortably) high under my armpits, and there’s still a little bit too much length. None of which I would’ve noticed before I was sewing.

In any case, I feel pretty cute and not too poufy, so I’ll call it a win.

Also, anyone who complains about quilting-cotton as a garment fabric (and I am one of those people πŸ˜‰ ) should take note of the complete lack of drape of this fabric. It’s not quilting cotton, but the way it hangs (and wrinkles!) is eerily similar…

drawing tablet

In other news, Whee! Do you see that? That’s my Wacom drawing tablet, which I got as a birthday present from Osiris yonks ago. Most importantly, though, is that’s the stylus for it, which has been missing in action for most of the past two years. It had resurfaced briefly last fall, only to vanish again within weeks. Most recently it was retrieved from the depths of the couch (how the heck did it even get into the living room? I *never* take the tablet in the living room). I am thinking this time I will chain it to the tablet…

*Sarcasm font.



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8 responses to “My pre-stitched fabric

  1. Very nice dress. Love the pleats. It’s no Star Wars dress… πŸ™‚
    Funny how you notice ill-fit once you start sewing.

  2. that’s a really sweet dress, love the pleats and the shape πŸ™‚

  3. Bri

    Well for pre stitched it’s awesome! You had a few negatives to say about this dress but you look lovely and it’s very pretty to look at.

  4. The dress is lovely! I find that all cotton is prone to a bit of wrinkling and wear issues; for all the fussing some people do about making clothing in quilting cottons, I don’t really see a difference in cotton fabrics unless they are blended with stretch fibers. I have recently decided that pleated is better than gathered for all kinds of reasons, including ease of sewing.

    Yay for finding your stylus! My kids lose things in their own rooms all the time, and it’s horrifying how often I walk in and reach under the bed and it’s RIGHT THERE.

    • This is apparently a cotton-poly blend, I thought the whole point of that was less wrinkling. πŸ™‚ Ah, well, a pretty print makes up for many things.

      Under the bed is usually where I lose stuff; it usually shows up in a day or two. Now that the stylus is returned, all I’m missing is my really awesome fabric scissors. >_<

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