Attack of the Vogues

Latest pattern binge

Value Village (Your Thrift Department Store!)’s pattern section was absolutely stuffed this week (double the size it was last week) and what it was stuffed with was Vogue patterns.

Unfortunately, it was stuffed with 80s Professional Woman Power Dressing Office And Evening Chic Vogue patterns. Even for $0.49/apiece, I couldn’t justify more than a couple. And, some more kids’ patterns. It’s an addiction, I tell you, because I know that my kids won’t wear most of these.

Because I’ve been trying to clean up my basement (rather than sewing) in the evenings this week, and thus have nothing to write about, I’m going to witter on about the patterns a bit more. They’re not really deserving of it, but I fee like it.

 (Not to mention Tyo’s stomach bug hi-jacked me and I was up every hour last night and let’s just say that was the single most disgusting night of my life so far, including childbirth and the one involving dead dogs and formaldehyde. AND the Centipede Incident. So today I’m just drinking electrolytes and trying not to wish I were dead and wondering if I dare inflict ibuprofen on my stomach.)

Mccall’s 6159

I’m developing a soft-spot for these McCall’s “Carefree” patterns almost as big as my 70s Simplicity weakness. Although I think in this case it’s mostly for the charming illustration. I like versions A and B, though I never actually wear vests so it’s probably not a really smart purchase.


Speaking of McCall’s Carefree. This one is a Young Junior/Teen pattern, size 7-8, which is for someone with a 29″ bust and 32″ hips. Another pattern smack in between Tyo’s size and mine. What is it about those 70s athletic shorts with the contrast binding that absolutely undoes me?

70s athletic shorts

Oh, yeah. This probably explains it. The photo is from about 1983, but the clothes were probably pure 70s hand-me-downs. Obviously my love for short shorts, kneehigh socks, and the colour red was established early.

Vogue 7214

I don’t know that I like any of the individual elements in this pattern especially, but something about the whole look just evokes early 20s to me—skirt length, boxy jacket, cloche hat. 80s style is so hideously distinctive, it’s often easy to overlook how much it drew on past eras…

Vogue 7605

Yuck on the jacket and the pleated skirt (although note the boxy 20s silhouette again), but I really love the tucked cami. Of ocurse, it’s basically some lightly-shaped rectangles, but y’know. Fifty cents. Vogue.

Vogue 7829

This is probably the crowning glory of the “score”—great full-skirted, princess seamed coat. Wait, where have we seen that before?

Yeah, yeah, bite me.

On the upside, the Burda Magazine issue I won on Alexandra Mason’s blog a few weeks back finally arrived! It’s the October 2010 issue, which has at least two patterns that jabbed me in the eye saying “make me make me makeme” when they showed up on Burdastyle.

This cool swing-jacket type thing

and this fitted-bodice, gathered skirted dress.

Oh, and Tasia just released the new Sewaholic Pattern, Cambie, a gorgeous, sweetheart-neckline, fitted-bodice, full-skirted dress.

Which brings the tally of patterns in this style I want to make up to, like, five. Or is it seven? And you can read up here on my difficulties with pulling off this style in the first place…

Usually I’m pretty good about sewing up cake rather than frosting, but right now the frosting part of my brain seems to be jonesing hard. Ah, well, I guess that’s what Fantasy Sewing is for…

I’m trying to read blogs  but even that is almost too much work, never mind commenting. Argh.



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31 responses to “Attack of the Vogues

  1. My goodness you were a cute little kid. Those shorts are just adorable!

    Well that is quite the collection. I like that coat and yeah, it triggered a memory. 😉

    Rest up and take care of yourself. I hope your tummy settles soon, I’d hold off on the ibuprofen if you can, or go for tylenol. Ibuprofen can be hard on your stomach.

  2. When we can’t sew we ermmm… acquire 😉 On that score we both follow suit!

    I hope you both feel better soon – bananas are good for “bunging you up” a bit (if it’s all happening at the bathroom end of things – as opposed to the throwing-up kind!). I found that out a few years back when I was in bed for a week with food poisoning on holiday & I had to have a drip (twice ekk!), that and fizzy/soda drinks somehow help to settle the tummy too 🙂

    • Paracetamol shouldn’t irritate your tummy, but Ibuprophen and aspirin are both known to irritate already unhappy tummies 😦

      • Yeah, ibuprofen is our pain-killer of choice, but I know it’s not good on an upset stomach. /sigh. We might have some Tylenol somewhere… no aspirin though. At least I haven’t had to leave bed for more than five minutes at a time. 🙂

  3. sewforward

    I love the illustrations on pattern envelopes. In fact (I HATE to admit this!) but I have bought several patterns just for the illustrations! EKS! Call me crazy (or maybe a hoarder?) needless to say, it was a sad day when the BIG 4 went to photos for the patterns and gave the fashion illustrator/artist the boot!

  4. Amy

    Ok, confession time. I’m a sucker for 80s patterns and big-haired illustrations. And no one wants them so yeah! The 80s had so much 40s styling in it. I have a friend here who is a buyer for 80s vintage designer stuff and it’s really made me appreciate some of the grown-up clothes from that period (I was still a teen but that was what we aspired to!).

    • Oh, you would’ve had a field day. You’re right about the 40s styling, as well. I confess having been a child at the time, I don’t remember liking much of it at any point. Of course, my mom wasn’t an 80s career girl power-dressing, either… and no one in my family can do big hair. 🙂

  5. As someone who suffered from gastroenteritis TWICE last year I feel uniquely qualified to give advice on the diet following the, um, ahem event. You have it right with electrolytes, add jello (regular not sugar free), and saltines, fruit when it doesn’t sound disgusting. After that you should be able to eat regularly. Take care.

  6. OK, all I can focus on in this post is the part about the stomach bug being the grossest thing you have experienced since childbirth. OMG. Stomach bugs are so HORRIFYING.

    • No, not since childbirth. INCLUDING childbirth. Way more gross than childbirth. Less painful, but more gross. Did you ever see the movie Bridesmaids? The mass food-poisoning scene is about right for level of helpless horror. Ugh…

  7. Awww, I am sorry you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully you can get lots of rest this weekend.

    And – nice to find Vogue Patterns for $0.50! I do like that coat pattern a lot too.

  8. mashed potatoes always work well for me when I’m sick. They can be bland enough to keep down with just enough salt to help keep you together and easier to swallow than just about anything. (Plus I adore them at all other times, so, maybe biased.)

    feel better!

  9. Hope you feel better soon. On another note I am envious of your VV. Mine hardly has any patterns these days and when they do they are double the price of yours!!

    • I am feeling much better already, thanks! It’s a nasty bug, but a quick one at least. The pattern selection (fabrics, too) come and go at mine—sometimes there’s nothing at all for months on end. 🙂

  10. Value village sells patterns?????Hubby hates second hand stores but maybe my mother in law would take me!In the uk id checkout the charity stores weekly but here in Canada they are not within walking distance ….sigh.

    • Yes they do and they also sell fabric, that is where I got my latest goodies. I sympathize The Husband hates thrift store with a red hot passion. Really hates.

      • My husband isn’t fond of them either, though he will brave one once or twice a year, usually in search of his beloved 80s duds. Ours is in walking distance, and most importantly right next to the kids’ dance studio, so this winter I’ve been in pretty much every week… 😦

  11. Yummymummmy

    My mum had 7214 and made me a very nice slate blue garbadine pencil skirt from it. I remember it well!

  12. Amy

    That Burda dress reminds me of the new Sewaholic one, just with a cut out neckline instead of a sweetheart. I’m drawn to the spinning picture though. And the bright color of the Burda dress. Is the Burda dress skirt pleated?

  13. SharonM

    That photo of you is adorable! I had that McCall’s 6521 pattern and sewed the heck out of it. It was one of my favorite go-to summer patterns. I think I have a photo around somewhere of me wearing that little tank and those running shorts. I’ll never sew it again, but I repurchased the pattern just because of the happy memories.

  14. oh no! stomach bugs are the absolute worst!!! hope all of you feel better soon. also i was cleaning out my pattern hoard and thought of you for some of them. will have to post pics soon…

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