At Value Village


Unfortunately, the envelope was empty.



April 8, 2012 · 5:16 pm

18 responses to “At Value Village

  1. Diane

    Size 12 and Bust 32??? Guess sizing has changed over the years!!! LOL

    • Yeah, that’s typical of the pattern-sizing prior to the late 60s. In the late 60s the “Big 4″ pattern companies changed their sizing to the modern pattern sizing (where a size 12 has a 34” bust)—a lot of the patterns from the late 60s and early 70s say “New Sizing” in big letters to alert you to the change.

      Of course, store-bought sizes are completely different…


    (continuing my all-caps reactions to your posts)

    • I didn’t. If it had been a more spectacular pattern-envelope, I might have. But since it’s kinda meh to begin with, and completely lacking pattern, I decided the photo alone would suffice. Since they wanted just as much for it as they did for any of the complete patterns.

      • Oh. I was distracted by the pretty picture that I totally didn’t see the note below it. =/

        • LOL! It’s just a rolled hem foot… Not terribly mysterious. Although possibly more trouble than it’s worth…

          Also, we’re past the flip-point… You guys will probably have nicer weather for the next six months or so. Winters here are wimpy, but the summers blow…

  3. Sufiya

    BIG BUMMER! I bet someone STOLE it right out of the envelope! I hope their sewing machine develops a short and they get a BIG SHOCK.

    • LOL! Well, I suppose it’s possible. I was going with the “someone’s mom forgot to put the pattern away and the cat/kid/octopus got at it, but they still liked the old picture so kept the envelope” scenario. 😉

  4. katiedmd

    Aaargh! That happened to me on Monday at the thrift store here, and I wanted to cry. It wasn’t even as cute a pattern as that one.

  5. Amy

    I was wondering if you found it empty in the store or once back at home. Glad to know you looked while in the store. Hope the thesis writing is going well…

  6. Ooooh, that is such a tease! Boo and hiss!

  7. That’s just plain mean! However I have to say that my VV never even carries anything remotely that “old” in terms of patterns. Mostly circa 1997 McCalls bulky sweatshirt type patterns. Not exciting at all, even if it WERE just the package 🙂

  8. BOOOOOOO. BOOOOO. *picture that old hag in the Princess Bride*

    At least you didn’t go home with it?

    Okay, back to boo-ing and hissing.

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