A Dread Pirate Shirt

He said: why do you need to take photos?

I said: for the blog, of course.

He said: why do you need to blog this stuff?

I said: because I like to and it keeps me inspired.

He said: I don’t think you understand how much I hate having my picture taken.

I said: No photo, no more Tanit-made items.

He said: okay. I’d rather buy them than have to pose for photographs.

I said: you can’t buy this kind of stuff. That’s why I make it.

He said: I don’t care—I’ll order it off the internet, I’ll pay whatever it takes, if it means you don’t take photographs.

I took photographs. Possibly at gunpoint.

The glare I was receiving has been cropped for the protection of readers.

If I were sane, this would, of course, be the last things I ever make him. But it’s as much about scratching that itch to make him happy (and see him in some hawt clothes), so I will probably keep making him stuff.

At least he’s wearing this one. About the only time it wasn’t in use this weekend was when he was fishing, so if it looks a little rumpled, that’s why.

Why yes, we were out at the creek again.



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28 responses to “Gunpoint

  1. Well, at least he loves it and it looks really piratical. Just imagine, I live with three guys who don’t really get the blogging thing either.

  2. It’s so much better to see it on the man, does he realise that? Without the modelling we can’t truly appreciate how right the piratical shirt is. Small price to pay, esp as you’ve been kind enough to focus the picture on the shirt, not him. It’s fab.

  3. I think I have a similar picture on my blog when I made my guy the negroni shirt and put it on my blog. There must be photographic evidence of the rewards they reap as the recipient of our skills.

  4. Awesome! Tell him we all said it’s such small price to pay…

  5. Love the dialogue, so funny! And I love that he’s wearing it without the buttons sewn in – you were right!

  6. My hubby wants no on-line presence. Remember I only got him to pose with his manly apron because he had a frying pan in front of his face.
    The shirt looks great though. Now tell him you’re making a calendar to sell on your blog. Hee hee.

  7. Very nice! He wears it well, gunpoint or not.

  8. Hey Mr. Isis. Your wife has fans. Get over it. Let her take the damn pictures.

    (said with a smile) πŸ™‚

  9. very very nice. and its the 25th anniversary of the release of princess bride πŸ™‚

  10. He does look very Dread Pirate Roberts. Nice shirt! What’s with the photo phobia? Is he in witness protection?

  11. Yay congrats for getting your man into the garment for a photo! The shirt looks great!

  12. Men! Doesn’t he understand the phrase “Quid pro quo“?! πŸ™‚ LOL

  13. Snort.
    The shirt looks terrific. I hope you were wearing safety glasses, that glare sounds dangerous.

  14. The shirt is AWESOME!!

  15. fabulous.

    stop lying, mr. you KNOW you want more tanit-made stuff. maybe the next thing should be a lucha libre mask to wear for photo shoots.

  16. You are making me appreciate that my husband is being pretty supportive.
    Love the shirt! A few non-face pictures is not much to ask for given the effort you put forward. I think it’s fair trade.

  17. The only pic I have of my husband looking genuinely happy is our wedding pictures. What is it about men and having their pictures taken?!?

    • Well, at least you have those! The closest to “happy pictures” I have of hubs are probably from when our kids were born—a bit stunned and exhausted, but happy. (Certainly he looks a lot better than I do in those photos…)

  18. Joy

    Great shirt! Very dread piratey.

  19. Tell him: SEX SELLS. He’s SEXY. End of argument.

  20. Great shirt. Tell him to stop bloody complaining!

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