So Close I Can Taste It…

Almost done!

The zipper is in. I’ve tried it on. All that remains is trimming and binding the back seam and then hemming. I hate to lose any length in the hemming so I will probably do a bias hem facing.

And there’s just no time…

I don’t think Self-Stitched September is going to happen herabouts, either. Two days in and while I’ve dressed self-stitched, no photos have been taken. It’s hard when my main camera is sans battery charger (and a call to my mother-in-law has determined that the charger is NOT where I thought I left it in her basement… 😦 ), not to mention the complete lack of time.

I am liking the piped waistband...

Fall Sewing I would like to get to:

  • Grecian Sundress pattern/new piece: since this seems to be the winner of the poll, it will be the pattern I put up for my birthday next week. The flutter-sleeved tunic was not far behind, though, so I’ll try and get that one done and up some time this fall.
  • jeans for me: some of the early pairs, not to mention all of my RTW, are getting ratty, and I have some “heavy duty” stretch denim just waiting to be stitched up…
  • frock coat for my husband: based on this pattern, sans pockets and lengthened to knee length. I am pretty excited for this one, and now that the weather has turned, I’m feeling more inclined to actually work on a jacket.
  • sweaters and shrug for me: I’ve been meaning to make another version of my shrug, as I wore the cream one to death over the summer. And I really, really, really  need a new hooded sweatshirt to wear this winter.
  • jeans for my husband. I am totally stoked to try out this semi-vintage men’s jeans pattern ElleC sent me! And I have that denim in stash, too…
And even that modest list seems incredibly ambitious right now, when I haven’t managed much more than a seam a night all week…


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17 responses to “So Close I Can Taste It…

  1. Your dress is looking fantastic , I can’t wait to see you in it.

  2. This is going to be lovely- that piping is very swell.

  3. Shams

    Wow, that dress looks amazing.

  4. Wow – I love this dress long – I haven’t seen anyone else try that. Happy to see the Grecian dress won & frock coat is so cool for hubby. I really haven’t sewn much this summer – I feel myself getting motivated again with the change of seasons upon us. I’m actually going to try making a tutorial very soon! thanks for your fun & interesting blogging!

    • I can never resist a maxi (well, provided I have enough fabric, anyway 😉 ). I used up a full 5m for this one, though, and I’m just lucky the print wasn’t directional or it wouldn’t’ve worked at all…

  5. Loving the piping and I’m hearing you about daily pics… I opted out for other reasons (not enough clothes LOL) but that photo thing scared me!

    • The photos can be fun, but they also eat up some time. It’s easiest if you just keep the camera set up on a tripod somewhere you can snap a quick pic each day, but that doesn’t produce the most interesting photos. I have no idea how I managed it last year… 😉

  6. The dress looks great! The piping does a good job of breaking up the print so it’s not one long line. And yeah, I couldn’t swing the daily pictures either. Not to mention, I’m still working on having enough self-stitched clothes on hand as it is! I do pretty well with bottoms, it’s the tops that I never seem to have enough of.

    • Yeah, I’m happy I thought of the piping. If I could’ve matched the red I would’ve done a solid band instead, but the piping works well.

      I didn’t think I had enough garments my first SSS, but it turned out I did, allowing for a fair bit of laundry and repeating. It really stretched me to try some new and different combinations, though.

  7. Your Lonsdale is looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see you model it. I think you have chosen a perfect print for it, and I do like the piping as well!

  8. This is looking like my very favorite Lonsdale so far!

    ::::waiting patiently::::

    And I understand the no time to sew thing..although I could create the time, I just haven’t had the energy by end of day. :~\

  9. Amy

    This is going to be so cool to see finished. I’m making the maxi, too. (Um, it’s been laid out the entire length of my floor for over a week, waiting to be cut.) I like the piped waistband idea… it does kind of disappear without being accented, and I almost wanted to get rid of it altogether if it wasn’t there to hide the lining.

    • I suppose you could get rid of the waistband and slipstitch the bodice lining down, sandwiching the skirt. I like the waistband in theory, but it really kinda needs a contrast fabric or SOMETHING to punch it up. I’m glad I thought of the piping. I also considered putting some lace over it, but figure I’ll save that for a non-print version. 🙂

  10. I don’t know how anyone does daily pictures. I can barely manage to get a picture taken of me in something I made, then get it off the camera…. I’m hoping to get better about that.

    I can’t wait to see you in the dress, it looks fabulous. Maxi lengths seem to suit you, not everyone is comfortable wearing them.

    My to do list is always longer than what I will accompilsh. Which is also complicated by the fact I end up sewing what I want to sew at the moment, plans don’t include lines like “whatever the latest blogger/trip to Fabricland inspired me to do”.

  11. Scruffybadger

    Can’t wait to see it in all its glory. Love the waistband piping too 🙂

  12. Oh my. Simplicity 6710 (picured with the men’s jeans pattern) was what I wore to my Matric dance (South African equivalent of the senior prom) in 1975. My mom made it.. I chose a fabric that did not suit me and was a chintzy drapes look. I stil have it!

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