Not Worth Blogging About?


Ever make things you’re just not sure are worth writing about? I like to document my flops alongside my successes, (although I’ve noticed that it often takes me a while to realize what is actually a flop vs. a success), but I’m talking about throwaway pieces. Stuff you just knocked together because it would serve a purpose (or because your kids were bugging you, as the case may be). It’s sloppy and half-ass, simple, and maybe the fabric just drives you nuts.

No? Just me?

More excessive cute

This pair of tops for Syo falls into that category. I’m writing about them only because, well, I have nothing much else to write about right now (unless you want me to start in on the weather again 😉 ). I keep looking at my Lonsdale pattern. I ALMOST got the pieces laid out yesterday, but ran out of time. Anyway.

This fabric is left over from one of the cowl-neck iterations. It’s got a lovely, soft drape, an interesting knit stripe, is wriggly as hell to cut out (we pinned it to the carpet), tends to grow like crazy when handled, and a dull colour that just irks me. It looks like the colour the block of white paint turns when everyone’s been mashing other colours into it. Hmm, I may have been spending too much time entertaining small children lately…

Syo was inspired by the fabric (she does love wriggly knits >_<) and Babydoll’s dance-rehearsal outfit from the movie Sucker Punch. Yes, we probably do have questionable taste in what we let our children watch. At least it’s with parental guidance.

There were actual patterns involved!

In particular, McCall’s 4821 (View B, the one-shouldered top) and Kwik Sew 2448, the long-sleeved tee from view A. What do you mean it doesn’t look anything like it? Both of these are thrift store finds, although I don’t think I’ve blogged either of them before.

Sassy Girl

Ok, so let’s start with the McCall’s pattern. This is another of those “Sassy Girl” brand of patterns, illustrated to pique the imagination of any little girl. I used another of these for Syo’s vest. They’re adequate patterns, I guess, but I find them really simplistic, to the point where I suspect the final result is likely to be compromised. I haven’t read the instructions, so I can’t really comment on them. For a simple knit top like this, though, I guess there’s not going to be much to the pattern in any case. The smallest size in my envelope was a 7, which is borderline too big for Syo; given what I know about this fabric—it GROWS—I figured we would need to narrow it a fair bit.

McCall's 4821

I took out something like 4cm of width and then re-drew the front and back top curves. I didn’t adjust the length at all and it’s a bit short, but that may be a) deliberate and b) an effect of the prodigious width-wise growth of this fabric. Because the fabric was so thin, we double-layered it, which made finishing the top easy. I used clear elastic to reinforce the neckline side of the strap, and the small shoulder seam, but not the arm-hole seam. I’m glad I did, as I think it would be quite saggy without. We haven’t done the hem yet, but probably will at some point, although I don’t think twin-needling will hold up terribly well on this fabric.

Back view

My serger tends to turn soft, light fabrics like this into ruffles, so we sewed it all on the newely-serviced Janome, which worked like a dream. Syo would’ve stitched the entire thing if I let her, but I’m not quite sure she’d be up to keeping an eye on the seam allowance width and the clear elastic at the same time. She did quite well on the armscye seam, though, even without pins, and would’ve done the side-seams but it was the end of the night and we were in a hurry.

Side view

I think we just about nailed the sizing, actually. Which means if I use any other fabric in the world it’ll be way too small.

Little tie-sweater

Kwik Sew 2448

The little tie-sweater is based on Kwik Sew 2448. What, you don’t see the resemblance? Use your imagination! Actually, I traced off the pattern pieces for the long-sleeved version of the top, which is an utterly ordinary knit tee pattern. I cropped it short at the “lengthen and shorten here” line, which wound up being a bit short (but again that might just be the fabric), and turned the cut-on-fold of the front into an extended tie.

Syo originally wanted 3/4 length sleeves, so I shortened the length of the arm to a size 4 (I was tracing the size 6). They still turned out mostly full-length, which she says she is liking for now, but we may very well shorten them in the future.

Tee front pattern piece, altered to tie. We are so precise in our cutting around here...

I’ve noticed in my one Kwik Sew pattern that has an adult-sized tie top, the ties angle down considerably, and looking at how it sits on Syo it seems like this would probably have been a good idea to emulate. (I might have paid closer attention but on inspection the only pattern pieces actually in the envelope of the adult pattern are for the leotard. Poop! So I’m going by the illustration of the pieces on the instructions)

Syo stitched the underarm seams for this one. Kwik Sew uses 6mm (1/4″) seam allowances, which are a bit harder for her to maintain, at least in this fabric, than the wider ones on the McCall’s pattern. I used clear elastic to stabilize the shoulder. Considering how this fabric grows (especially as I didn’t use anything to stabilize the neckline) this seems like a very trim-fitting tee pattern. Which I guess makes sense for something meant to go under a dress.

In any case, Syo is, at least momentarily, satisfied, and this godawful fabric is out of my stash. There was a very tense moment while sewing when Tyo nearly started WWIII over the fact that Syo was getting two tops in a row, but it was headed off (grudgingly) when I pointed out that these two tops together, including tracing, are still less time-consuming than Tyo’s last shirt.

I think it’s time to make something for me, don’t you? I do like sewing with my kids (as opposed to for my kids), but I think I’m ready for something for me. 😉



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15 responses to “Not Worth Blogging About?

  1. Cute kids! I love the little tie wrap.
    And yes, you should sew something for you. Did you know Selfish is back? She’ll get you off sewing for other people. Especially little people. 🙂

  2. SO CUTE I want to bite her!

  3. I totally was going to say you need to take a page from the Selfish Seamstress! I only sew clothing for myself — I’ll sew doll clothes for other people but that’s it.

  4. I’ll sew for the kids when I get a wild hair, but almost all my daughter’s stuff turns into UFO’s. Problem might be I have no idea how to put a button placket on a 1930’s bib-overalls.

    i haven’t even really finished anything for ME lately. Seriously. Stuff’s got me in a down sort of mood. Can’t quite shake it.

    And your kids are adorable and I love their summer tan. That’s awesome.

  5. Better Babydoll from Sucker Punch, than Baby from Dirty Dancing- yech! She looks swell in her pink!

  6. I think these tops are lovely! And Syo is so cute. Sometimes I wonder what to write about, too, on my blog. That’s usually when I switch it up from sewing to cooking:)

  7. Amy

    Wow, you’re daughters have the same gorgeous eyes. My mom was usually simultaneously sewing for/with both my sister and I, probably because there woulda been a WWII happening. I’d probably be making (and writing about) clothes for my daughters if I had them… just because I still like playing dress-up.

  8. love the pictures, she’s so very sweet!

  9. I know the feel of hating something I sew or even worse just feeling blah about it, but from her smiles and poses in the picture it looks like she loves it and isn’t that what it is all about? No really is that what it is all about, because I really hate it when I sew something I don’t like.

    • Well, them liking it is definitely good. I think I prefer this situation (where I’m meh and they’re happy) than the reverse, where something I love doesn’t get worn at all because they don’t like it…

  10. Well, she looks happy in it! I would’ve thought kids clothes would be easier and more rewarding to sew, since there is (hopefully) little alteration and they’re (probably) quicker to sew up. But then, I have no sprogs to sew for, no matter how hard my Mom hints and blatantly demands for grandbabies. (I keep telling her to go talk to her son, he’s the one making noise about being a Dad someday. It’s not working, though.)

    Maybe you’d like to adopt another Grandmother for your kids? It’d take a load off of my shoulders… 😀

  11. i’m on adorable overload.

  12. I can see how this fabric might not be very inspiring to look at, but the finished clothes look really pretty and sort of sophisticated. And your daughter, I think the clothes suit her perfectly.

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