All I need now is the Lonsdale…

Patterns! Thank you, ElleC!

It was a good week, mail-wise, if not sewing-wise*. Several really awesome things came through, but I’ll stick to the sewing-related ones.

Very sweet (and tragically blogless) commentor ElleC send me a delightful package of her own Value Village pattern finds. More 70s Simplicity than you can shake a stick at (including more maxi-dreses!)! And that retro black-dress pattern is the Simplicity take on the Audrey Hepburn dress Her Selfishness copied, lo these many moons ago (It might be fun to compare Selfish’s pattern to the Simplicity one, someday when I’m in an LBD mood…). But I’m especially, super-duper, stoked about the men’s “Designer Jeans” pattern front and centre. Copyright 1981, from a design house I’d never heard of in Edmonton, Alberta, it looks guaranteed to be pure cowboy. The legs are straight, not flared (I checked carefully 😉 ), although I have a feeling they’re not very roomy. Good for me, less good for my hubster. There’s also two versions of the instructions, both of which are really nice, although I still haven’t managed to figure out what the seam allowance is. Sadly, the man has informed me that he wants the jacket I promised him more than anything else. He doesn’t seem to grasp that my jacket motivation now that real summer is here is somewhere below zero. Blergh.

Building Patterns

Equally thrilling, this pattern-drafting book arrived. I actually won it back in May after commenting on a giveaway/article on, but it probably got shipped out right around the time the postal strike got serious. Anyway, it’s here, now, and came with a cute little note from the author herself, and it looks like fun although I haven’t had a real chance to dig into it. It’s definitely text-book weight, anyway!

All I’m waiting on now is for my Lonsdale Dress pattern to arrive! Tasia shipped them out last weekend, so hopefully sometime next week…

Anyway. I am trying to spend my weekend sewing, rather than blogging (so I might actually have something worth blogging about later), so I’ll leave you with that.


*this not getting home from work until 6:30 thing really chokes my mojo. Bleh.



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14 responses to “All I need now is the Lonsdale…

  1. I have an extreme love for that Simplicity 5350…
    *drools very unattractively*
    I don’t think I could get away with wearing it – but boy would I ever love to.
    I’m 4′ 11″ and I suspect I would look like I was playing dress-up no matter what fabric I used…
    (You will look dynamite in it though)


  2. Amy

    Will you be joining the Lonsdale Sew-Along? I immensely enjoyed your feedback on fitting issues and such during the Male Pattern Boldness Men’s Shirt Sew-Along, so it’ll be fun to sew along with you again if you are. Also, I can’t wait to see hear what you think of your new book. Have a great weekend.

    • I wish I could but I’m actually going to be on vacation (not sewcation 😦 ) for a good chunk of the time. I am hoping to bang out a version before then, though, assuming the pattern shows up sooner rather than later…

      • Amy

        That’s too bad. My summer vacation (a second honeymoon!) starts right at the end of the Sew-Along, so I’ve got to keep myself right on Tasia’s schedule if I don’t want an unfinished dress looming when I get back. Good luck getting your Lonsdale done early. Hopefully the post will deliver quickly.

  3. I got my Lonsdale dress yesterday and I’m in the eastern US. Weird how the mail works sometimes, I would’ve thought you would’ve gotten it sooner!

    Nice pattern gifts!

  4. eaden

    YOu still havn’t gotten the londsdale pattern living in Canada? I live in the Us and got it within 5 days.I am Canadian and our postal service SUCKS big time !

  5. ElleC

    Thank you for the lovely call out Tanitisis. One of the reasons I don’t have a blog is my current inability to write anything except entries for the Bulwer-Lytton fiction writing contest (if you want to have a laugh google it). Hopefully that will change and I once again will become capable of expressing myself with pen and paper. I blame menopause 8-). Enjoy the patterns.

  6. The lonsdale dress looks cute. And oh, those patterns. How fun! Especially the LBD looks lovely.

    Have fun sewing this weekend!

  7. 6710 is totally lunch money and I’m totally a bully. *beats you up for it, gets her butt kicked instead* 😀

    ANYWAY. I can’t wait to see what you make out of this! And I miss Her Selfishness. Maybe if enough people start calling her out in the blogosphere she’ll reappear.

  8. I was tempted by the Lonsdale Dress, but I hate wearing strapless bras and I don’t think I could go braless with it. I’m curious to see your version!

    That textbook of pattern drafting looks promising. Any chance you can show us some photos of the inside? I finally figured out that my fitting issues with pants are due to a long crotch (I thought it was crotch depth, but Casey’s pants sewalong schooled me on the difference). Now I’m unable to try on RTW without seeing how it pulls at the crotch. Gotta sew some more pants!

  9. Michelle

    Give us a book review when you get around to reading it, this one has been on my list for awhile and I would really like some input! Great haul.

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