Happy Birthday to Syo!

Syo's dress, by Tyo.

Technically, I guess today she should become Eyo (the Eight-Year-Old). But for the sake of continuity, not to mention because Tyo will become the Eleven-Year-Old in another month, I’m going to stick with the nicknames as is.

Relatively little has been cleaned up from the birthdays (to my husband’s dismay), but sewing has happened! Tyo put the final touches on Syo’s present and we wrapped it up.

The kids have also been stitching madly away at these:


They are almost done. Whew! It would’ve been so much simpler to do them all on my own. But that would be defeating the point, etc. etc. Syo decided she wanted the blue and pink flannel fabric (top left) for the outside of hers; it’s lining the others.

What, Syo modelling her dress? Well, if you insist!

A well-dressed child

The fringe along the bottom is a length that appeared in one of the Value Village baggies. I stitched it on for Tyo… it was just less of a headache that way.

I am disappointed to report that she is less than thrilled with the dress. The reason? “It’s not tight enough. Tight is cute.”

Ah, yes. I had forgotten that.

Erm, she may have picked up that perception from me. Ooops.

Anyway, I think the dress is adorable.

In Me-Made June news:

June 27

Yup. Still lounging amid the remnants of the kids’ birthday party on the weekend.

I was (perhaps overly) excited about the weather forecast today and dressed for SUMMER. Of course, I spent most of the day in the chilly indoors freezing my legs off. My bad.

70s Tunic
Lekala sailor shorts Which you can’t actually see, but I promise you they’re there.



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday to Syo!

  1. I think that dress is ADORABLE too. Which may not make Syo feel any better (at some level, nobody wants to be adorable — adorable is for puppies, as I tell the Hubs when he uses it on me). At her age, I would have been annoyed by the lack of twirliness. Kids — it’s always something!

    We never clean up until at least a week has passed. The kids got out of school on Thursday. Their backpacks, notebooks, lunchboxes, and random papers are still littering the kitchen and the back of the car. We’ll get around to it….eventually!

  2. Joy

    Happy birthday to Syo! And the dress really is cute – the fringe is perfect.

  3. lazystitcher

    Bahaha… okay so I’ve been following your blog for a few months now but I honest to goodness thought Tyo & Syo were what you had named your kids!! Now it all makes sense 🙂 Ooops

  4. Happy birthday to Syo! Love that fringe. I was very different at her age- the bigger, baggier and more masculine looking the better (I grew up with only brothers). I didn’t start wearing girlier things until I was much older.

    • I think big and baggy was also more the style when we were that age (I’m assuming we’re reasonably close in age, though maybe you’re a bit younger). I wasn’t terribly into it, but I remember some of my classmates proudly wearing prison-orange jeans so huge all they needed to be clown-pants was a hoop in the waist. Such an odd period, fashion, wise…

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