A qualified “meh”

Anthropologie knockoff v. 3

For this third iteration (see 1 and 2), I didn’t change much from the last; re-narrowed the neckline a wee bit, and lengthened the cowl portion so there would be more drape higher up.

This fabric is meh. The colour is drab, ย it’s very, very thin, and worst of all it has very poor recovery; to get it to fit like anything other than a sack I took both sideseams in by over an inch. But it’s got great drape and cost about $1.50/m, which is about as good as it gets, at least around here.

For those of you who are insanely interested in the exact alterations, I think I’ve “curled back” the side seams/armscye too much. I needed to do it a bit more than in my first iteration to get the cowling to drape a little deeper, but not as much as I did. As usual, I overshot. I think there’s a sweet-spot somewhere between my pattern the first time and this iteration; mostly it looks good except that there’s some oddness in the folding of the pleats at the armpit; basically the first pleat is turning into a dart, which isn’t what I want. Solution? probably rotate the armscye back by the amount of that dart, and make up for the extra distance in cowl height.

Like my accessory?

Which sounds like gibberish typed out, but will hopefully remind me of what I’m trying to do… so I apologize to the rest of you for my opacity.

The other upside—this colour goes really well with my corset-waist circle skirt, which almost nothing else in my wardrobe does, and the corset-waist covers up the somewhat-more-meh lower portions of the top. Yay!

For honesty’s sake, I’ll include a shot of what I was wearing earlier in the day before I “finished” (for that unhemmed, threads hanging everwhere, value of finished) ย the top. See? Not a good combo.

Previous outfit.



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16 responses to “A qualified “meh”

  1. Honestly, I buy almost all my clothes from either Anthro or Nordstrom – and I love your top! BTW, lately the fit on the Anthro tops have been off – I think I tried on the one you wish to make – good luck, I can’t wait til you are satisfied!

  2. Julie

    I love the skirt! I’m new to your blog, did you sew it as well or is RTW? And yes, love your sweet accessory, especially her fantastic socks!

    • Oops, can you tell I was in a hurry to slap that up? It is one I made, not long ago, if you do a search for “circle skirt” it will bring it up; the post is called “Ooops” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I saw the top and that was like wow… and then I saw the pics with the skirt and it was double wow!;)

  4. Your persistence is incredible. An attribute I need to tap into if I’m going to improve at sewing. I’m liking the shape of this cowl the best. My favourite colour so far is #1. It’s great that you’ve now got a top to go with your skirt. I have a few skirts that are without matching tops which is a major bummer.

  5. I think if your third version and my fourth got together we’d have it nailed. Your pleating looks spot on, well done. I like the effect of the drapies with the super high waisted full skirt, I wouldn’t have thought to do that but now I’m sorely tempted. (though I have a suspicion it would look ridick on me…)

  6. This came out great! And it does look good with the skirt (although I think your accessory is the cutest). This is a great top for you (oh long, broad-shouldered girl– wait. why do I keep talking to you again?) So didn’t you say earlier you bought -gasp- bright colors and -double-gasp- patterns? Were those knits? You could make this in a bright, it would be fab.

    • Beats me, you must me a masochist. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m glad you do, though!

      Erm, yeah… I bought that bright pink I used for the first cowl version… and the “print” (aka stripes) was the second version, which didn’t work as the fabric was wrong… but I do have a light blue/teal!

      … which you’ll probably see very soon.

  7. The Mom

    I think you have pretty-much got it figured out! Great job! And say hi to the accessory, from me.

  8. You and Steph may be the most persistent seamstresses I know! I actually really like the color of this one. I picture it with a chocolate brown pair of linen pants for warm weather. It’s an unusual color. Cutest accessory ever, btw.

  9. Ali

    Despite what you say, it looks great to me! In fact I’ve liked all your iterations of this. There’s something about a cowl (esp. one like this) that’s so elegant.

    I’m going to take your advice and make a quick knit top! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if the color isn’t your favorite it goes very well with the skirt. It’s nice to have neutral pieces.

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