Awww, shucks.

It looks like it’s meme time again ;). Claire, of Sew, Incidentally, has awarded me a “Stylish Blogger” award.

Those of you who’ve been following religiously, or were thorough in your archive search/internet stalking, will recall my previous award, which features ten whole things about me. The “Stylish Blogger” award is a bit more lenient—it demands only seven things, and then wants you to name seven further recipients.

And so, without further ado, here’s 7 (more) things you might not have known about me.

  1. I am what we term around here common-law married. This means, approximately, shacked up. For going on twelve years. Sometimes I feel a bit wistful about not having a big party or a fancy dress; other times I feel a bit of snarky glee at our “nonconformity”. Of course the commitment is there, and that’s what matters.
  2. The best part of my job is drawing up scientific illustrations. I could do

    Drawing of the skull of an early reptile, from the Carboniferous period. Click through to see the full-sized image because the reduced version looks like ass.

    that all day.

  3. I spend way too much time listening to podcasts. They get me through the two hours daily I spend on the train, household torments like washing dishes, and keep my mind occupied while drawing (see #2). My current favourite is Irreligiosophy, but Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap is great also. Oddly, I do not listen to any sewing podcasts as yet. Recommendations?
  4. My hubby (see #1) spent all last fall convincing me that we couldn’t afford an iPad, then bought me one for Christmas. He is sneaky! … and I am an addict.
  5. Philosophy mostly bores me, but philosophy of science makes me want to throw things. Somehow I still end up reading a lot of it, though…
  6. I’ve been home from work for over two hours now and I’m still shivering (AFTER cocoa!). Can it be spring yet?

    Cute Sew Serendipity coat, image blatantly stolen from Patty the Snug Bug.

  7. I really want a pattern for an empire-waisted coat. I love this one from the Sew Serendipity book.

The worst part about these awards, in my opinion, is passing them on. I get all bent out of shape worrying whether I’ll double-tap someone, or miss someone else, and should I leave them a note to let them know I’ve nominated them…

So y’know what, I’m just going to name some names and pass it on. If you stop by and see your name—you win! If not, well, as you were. πŸ™‚ And if I missed you… it’s not because I don’t love you!

Sigrid of Analog Me

Amber of The Evening Tree

Sparkle & Doom


Big in Japan

Montana Chic

Patty, the Snug Bug

Oh, and here’s my Me-Made March, Day 2. The pictures are decicedly less glamorous after work when the hair has been in and out of hats all day.

Me-Made March 2




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14 responses to “Awww, shucks.

  1. You are awesome Sweetie, or should I say #WINNING.

    Congratulations on your accolade, you’ve accomplished so much in such a short time, I’m envious. You rock grrrl, wish you lived closer so we could sew together! YAY Canada!

  2. Awww. I wasn’t expecting my name and there it was. Thanks! I don’t know any sewing podcasts to recommend, although I know there are some. Somehow I feel like sewing is a visual subject. Maybe that’s just me.

    As for husbands, the only reason the Husband is The Husband and not The Guy Who Lives With Me is that they wouldn’t allow us to live in the same country if we didn’t get married. So we did. We are slaves to bureaucracy. However, despite being actually married, I still didn’t have a big party or a fancy dress, so go figure. What exactly DID I get out this deal….?

    I hope some of these other people do the meme, that would be interesting.

  3. Lucy

    Number 1 made me laugh so hard!

    After spending most of the years prior to going out with me complaining loudly and vociferously about the institution of marriage to anyone who would listen, my boyfriend did a spectacular U-turn in the course of about a year and we’re now engaged. I guess it just felt right for our relationship. I think his parents are quite relieved, though, as they’re both church ministers and had had to come to terms with the fact that we were ‘living in sin’ quite happily.

  4. Thanks! (I really don’t know what to say to stuff like this.)

    #1 made me laugh too, because we are opposite. So, I’m pretty religious and “couldn’t” have sex before I got married. So I got married at a young 19 to the guy who helped me move into my college apartment. Yeah. And my whole wedding day I was stressed out and just wanted to go to the honeymoon suite–you know?!? We’re going on 7 years, though, so it’s worked out:)

    PS. Your drawings are AWESOME. I have zero artistic ability, but I’ve spent plenty of time looking at scientific drawings (on the herbaceous side).

    • LOL! It’s funny, I’d be horrified at one of my daughters getting married at nineteen, but then I’ve been with my guy since I was eighteen (and yes, I think my mom was horrified…). Sometimes it works out. I have to say, though, I think luck had more to do with it than anything else ;). My (Catholic) mother-in-law would’ve liked us to get properly married when I got pregnant, but I didn’t think pregnancy alone was a good reason. πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh my gosh I’ve just made a coat pattern exactly that same, but a rounder collar, and some cute pockets!
    Congratulations on your award – well deserved!

  6. I don’t see any reason you can’t have a party with a big dress anyway. A non-vow renewal or something along those lines. Or just “we are awesome, and will celebrate with fluffy outfits” (btw, I loved the crinoline you did — it got me to finally pull out my tulle and make mine.)

  7. Sarah

    hmm… no sewing podcasts to recommend, but perhaps you’d like to try an excellent nautical fantasy novel instead?

    I really enjoy reading your blog, and am inspired to try a pair of jeans myself.

  8. πŸ™‚ Thanks T!

    That was my first blog “award”. I just finished my post.

    read ya later!

  9. Congratulations- well, you are pretty darn stylish.

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