A little "mad scientist"?

While attempting to unearth my kitchen yesterday, I uncovered one of my (mercifully few) UFOs. Right after I finished the first circle-skirt, I had a vision of mini-wardrobe bliss and promptly printed and sewed up the lining for a Franzi vest. Which has been kicking around my computer/sewing desk ever since.

In hindsight I’m not sure why I did it, as I have a hard time styling vests at the best of times and while I’ve nothing against the menswear look, it’s not really what I was going for in my mini-wardrobe-headspace.

Anyway, since I was looking for a quick weekend project, I figured I’d finish it off and at least get it out of the kitchen. So I hunted down the pattern-pieces (hooray, cleanup!) and cut out the shell. I even took the time to mess around with a piped pocket, which is like a double-welt pocket but narrower. It worked, though the ends aren’t

Piped pocket

especially pretty. I remembered to face the back of the inside with my fashion fabric, though, so there won’t be a big gap of pocket-lining showing through. I used the last of the red piping (left over from the Ceylon blouse) around the neckline, too. I opted not to fold down the little lapel bit, as I didn’t really like the bright silver lining with this fabric. Black would’ve been better.

And the result is… well, a little meh.

The fit’s not horrible but it’s not perfect. The larger sizes of this vest have a

Burdastyle Franzi vest

dart in addition to the princess seam, but my size doesn’t; the additional shaping would’ve been a good idea. It’s a bit gapy at the armhole above the bust. I could’ve shortened a wee bit above the waist, too—I can tell from the way it feels, although it doesn’t show too much, I think. Of course I don’t have a buckle for the back belt, so I’ll have to hunt one down. I did a small swayback adjustment, basically just taking in the bottom of the CB seam a wee bit, which worked well.

It really needs a high-necked shirt underneath it, which basically means one of

Back view

my JJ blouses, and since the ruffles don’t really do any favours for anything you wear over top, that limits it to one of the non-front-ruffle versions. And the red in the piping doesn’t match the red in my red JJ, so it really only looks even half-ass good with the white-with-black spots JJ.

So, I dunno. Not awful but not great. In theory a vest would be nice to spice up an otherwise generic outfit, but since this vest really only works with one top in my wardrobe, it’s not going to be that versatile. And I don’t really like it with the matching circle skirt. Still, I suspect it’ll crop up in Me-Made March, at least once or twice.



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9 responses to “Meh.

  1. Lucy

    Maybe it’ll prompt you to make another high-necked blouse. That, combined with the caption to your first photo, made me think of this.

    (You’re a scientist – you read XKCD, right?!)

  2. Looks good on you, and I like those big buttons.

  3. This vest looks good on you but it appears as though it’s pulling across the front in the second and third photos, the buttons look strained. I’ve never been a fan of vests on myself but this looks good on someone with a small frame such as yourself, great job and a nice quick weekend project! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I think it looks great, and makes your waist look teeny-tiny!
    Maybe you’re just not a waistcoat person like me, I always feel they are just not my thing when I try one on…

  5. I think the waistcoat looks fab! I love waistcoats (they give me a waist – where I have none LOL!), they look cool over tee’s too ;)!

    • Darci

      You beat me to it, Claire. Long-sleeved tees would be great with this vest! I bet if you tried, you’d find more things work than you think!

      Great vest! Go play!

  6. The Mom

    I am so inspired by the pictures (and the cold weather) that I down-loaded the Franzi vest pattern. Now I just have to buy fabric and sew it!

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