Coats for Kids

It is possible I have a (doubtless seasonally affective) problem with coat-making.

At least, this is the best reason I can come up with to explain why I suggested to my husband, this morning, that perhaps I should make coats for our nieces for Christmas. If I do this, it would bring my year’s tally of coats to 7 (not counting the Lady Grey, which is technically “in progress”). These are the same cuties that last summer received the Oliver & S Ruffle Halter top and Popover tiered sundress.

Yet another kids' coat pattern

I’m thinking of reiterating the same McCall’s pattern I used for Syo’s first coat, made last winter before I’d even thought of starting a sewing blog. It’s a cute little pattern that can be either fun or classy, depending on how you make it. The only downside is that it’s not lined (WTF… why would you make a kids’ winter coat pattern, with specific instructions for making it in fun fur and not include lining/interlining instructions??!?), but I fudged a lining for it last time without too much trouble, so I’m not overly concerned.

I’m not actually intending these to be winter coats, at least not of the roll-around-in-the-backyard-in-minus-30-weather type. But they could well be look-nice-for-Christmas-at-Gigi’s-house (Gigi is my mother-in-law. Momo is my mother. Grandma belongs to the assorted great-grandmothers, except for Kokum-Nana.), and I’d like to think that my sister-in-law is chic enough to dress her kids in super-stylish coats once the weather warms up a smidge. I’m dreaming of a nice black wool melton, with suitably bright preschooler linings, but we’ll see what sales are (or aren’t) on at Fabricland this weekend. Hrrm, maybe I should call my sister-in-law and quiz her about the idea. Even better, there’s already a size 3 traced out by the pattern’s former owner :), and I made Syo the size 4. (Hmm, I must’ve nabbed the above picture off the internet. My pattern has sizes 3-6)

Syo's cute coat

Yes, I know, more theoretical sewing. I think I’m chicken to tackle the alterations necessary for the franken-lady-grey. Or maybe just burnt out from the preposterous write-a-thon that was Tuesday. And tomorrow’s parent-teacher interviews (ulp) AND dentist appointments, Saturday’s Christmas pictures AND a birthday party, so I don’t really see getting anything done before Sunday at the earliest. And there’s a rumour my brother-in-law and my hubby’s step-dad are coming into town for the weekend, and will want us to drive across town to visit them at the hotel rather than come to visit us, which could well kill Sunday as well.

Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it.



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12 responses to “Coats for Kids

  1. I fear for your sanity if you are considering making coats for Xmas. Walk away from the machine! 😉

  2. Ha! I second Elizabeth’s comment. I think you may be delirious from your novel writing session. 🙂

  3. Uta

    I know how you feel. The day after I finished DD’s trenchcoat, I was knee deep in Ottobres looking for a winter wool coat pattern for her. Coat making is addictive. Girl’s coat making even more so. Re the no time to sew problem: that’s recurrent here in November and December and yet I get frustrated every year all over again. If you find a solution, please tell!

  4. Tell them to come see you? That’s what I’d do. Find some super sweet lovely way to say “If you want to see me, come to my house.” Maybe tempt them with a nice dinner? But then, I suppose if you’re making a nice dinner you still won’t get coat time.

    Blah. I have the opposite problem. Too much free time for christmas projects, and all I want to do is sew for meeeeeeee! Me me me me me!

  5. Whoa, smackdown! LMAO! Don’t worry, I’m not considering reiterating Tyo’s couture coat! More along the lines of something cute I could bang out in a few days each (a week tops)… that’s about what Syo’s coat took me (minus procrastinating) and surely I’ve gotten faster since then.

    As to the relations, I’m not convinced either is competent to navigate from their hotel across town to our house. 😉 The hubby’s step-father is here for medical reasons, so I’m not sure what their time-frame is like, either.

    On the up-side, I did pull out my Lady Grey pattern pieces and start the carnage last night. 🙂

  6. oh holy moly you have been crazy busy!! i can’t believe you banged out 15k words in a day for NaNoWritMo, I’M tired just thinking about it! good luck with the coats and i say, if you’re gonna enjoy it then go for it! (this is *possibly* an selfish sentiment cause i’m still to scared to start mine and you’re definitely shaming me into that!)

  7. Sewista Fashionista

    You are planning a lot of coats. Sometimes a sewing bug just gets a hold of one and you want to repeat the same kind of garment until you have it down. What about making up some quickie, no seam finished, versions in cute kiddie fleece to see if you even like these designs? Or if you are good to go by just seeing the pattern envelope and instructions, you can double up the fun fur with very lighweight fleece as the lining? My daughter keeps asking me to make her the fun fur coat from the pattern we selected this fall and I keep waiting to the stuff to go on sale.

    • As I said, I made this pattern before (with lining and underlining) for Syo, so I’m pretty confident of how it will turn out—despite the crazy fun-fur and fleece versions on the cover, it’s basically a very classic A-line, single-breasted coat with options for in-seam or patch pockets, and collar or hood.

      Anyway, we’ll see. I picked up books for the nieces Christmas presents today, so the coats are now strictly optional. Senior niece has a birthday in January, so perhaps I’ll save it for that.

  8. Sometimes you just need to make things, even if you don’t really have time, and “should” be making something else. That must be why I am trying to knit cardigans for all 8 nieces by Christmas. Crazy, and probably not going to happen, but like you, there are back up presents and birthdays coming. Go for it!

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