Winter sucks

Or, The trouble with photographing black jeans indoors.

Jalie Jeans, v. 4

Most of the following pictures are lightened. Severely lightened. The jeans in reality are a dusty black , although the ones I made last summer, of the same material, have faded, not unexpectedly, to a dark grey.

First up, I have apparently gotten fat. Well, rather, when I first went to try them on (before attaching the waistband), I could get

Jalie jeans, v. 4: front

them on but couldn’t get the fly closed. Keeping in mind that I have made this pattern in this size three previous times, including once in this *exact* fabric. WTF? I went and narrowed the seam allowances just at the hips—letting it out about .5 cm (they are only 1cm seam allowances, after all) for an added 2cm around the hips. Phew, now I can close the fly. Also keeping in mind that the first pair in this fabric mysteriously grew about 2cm around after I washed them the first time and I had to take them in. So I’m kinda hoping these ones do that and then I can at least restore the seam allowances to where they should be. But jeez.

Pockets and belt-loops

Otherwise, there’s not too much to say. I was quite happy with the wash-away stabilizer on the pockets. My topstitching is not nearly as porn-worthy as Peter’s. The fly topstitching sucks. The nice thing about using the same thread top and bottom is that you can do the pocket embroidery from the wrong side, and so draw your design right on the pockets. I free-handed this particular one, and had a bit too much fun with the smocking stitch, which is the only decorative stitch my machine does that I actually like.

I decided to go a bit wild with the belt-loops. They’re

Belt-loop closeup

extra wide, with extra fancy stitching. Hopefully this will mean they’re extra sturdy, too, especially the three at the back (I’m really liking a triple-loop at the back, although maybe not as much for these wide ones. Oh, well).

The leg length is okay but I could probably still lengthen it a little. If these were flares, they’d be driving me nuts with their shortness, and I’d still kinda like that “slouchy around the ankle” look. Something to think about for next time. Or maybe next time I should do real skinnies… I could even stretch myself and attempt an exposed zip in the lower leg. Wouldn’t that be fun?

In other news, we re-watched the Teen Wolf movies last night (gotta share the eighties with the next generation, after all) and I was struck by how tight all the girls’ jeans are. About as tight as mine, really… without the benefit of lycra content. It makes me wince just looking at them. Although if I’d been a teen in the eighties, I’m sure I’d have been wearing them that tight. And wondering how to get rid of the big flapping wings and the hips. And why the waistbands were so flipping tight.

… anyway. One more pair of pants for the rotation, check :).

Now, do I have the energy to put gussets in Tyo’s coat…



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17 responses to “Winter sucks

  1. OK, wait — those jeans look great. Those pockets are gorgeous and I never thought to embroider them wrong side up. I’ll remember that!

  2. You’re so funny! Love the new jeans, hope they cooperate better in the future. Your 3 belt loop idea is so good, I’m going to have to steal it.

    And winter, tell me about it. I have no pics of projects because it’s always dark! wah

  3. Dude, if that’s “getting fat,” I want to get fat. Like, right now. How do I sign up?

  4. Sewista Fashionista

    I can’t believe you are making jeans! So many sewers avoid them. Your detail on the pockets and belt loops looks great. You have made more than one pair of Jalie, haven’t you? It almost makes me want to buy a pattern and give it a try.

    • This is my fifth pair from this pattern (one in a kids size, four for me). I got motivated to sew my own jeans when I stumbled on the jeans sew-along threads on Pattern Review… jeans are one of the few articles of clothing that I’ll spend a LOT of money on, and I’m really picky about fit (and have a hard time finding an adequate length) so making my own, that fit the way I’d like, look the way I’d like, and are as long as I’d like, is really awesome. Although, finding good stretch denim is almost as hard as finding good RTW jeans ;).

  5. The trick to putting on 80’s jeans: they have to be ever-so-slightly damp. Then they dry like… shrink-wrap.

    I so don’t miss the 80’s. Well… mostly.

  6. Ali

    They look awesome. I’m so impressed by your ability to handle stretch wovens – they feel so moody to me. And great coat! You are on a roll with impressive project after impressive project!

    • I have to admit, I haven’t used stretch wovens for anything but jeans (and this pattern was designed for them). I haven’t really found it to be a problem for the jeans, other than when trying to embroider the pockets… but really the longest horizontal stretch of fabric (without seams) is only about 6″. A little wonkiness tends to develop around the waistband, which is less stretchy than the pants fabric, but other than that it’s not a big deal. 🙂

  7. love the 3 loops, the top stitching, and the idea of zips on legs! yay!

  8. Those are some snazzy jeans, ma’am. Well done!

  9. Awesome jeans! The back view is incredibly flattering, both the pocket stitching and pocket placement is just perfect. Love the red stitching!

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