A coat for Tyo?

So I may have mentioned already that I bought some (other) fabric last week. In fact, it was a bit of a binge-week, fabricwise (gotta love payday), but this is the EXPENSIVE fabric. Not the random metres snagged at the thrift-store, but real, honest-to-goodness expensive bought fabric.

Boiled "wool" camry

As a self-justification (can you tell how guilty I’m feeling about this?) I had a 50% off coupon for Fabricland (up to 5m of fabric) that expired at the end of October. My plan was to finally splurge on some wool melton ($16.50/m sounds much more palatable than $33/m, yes?). Red and a little bit of black. But there was this other fabric, a “boiled wool camry” (all “wools” at Fabricland, incuding the melton, are, in fact, wool blends, as far as I can tell). Its basic price was a little cheaper ($24/m), and it had a really interesting texture to the surface that the melton lacks. It had caught my eye before. It’s also a knit, which is interesting; it has a little give but isn’t what I would call stretchy.

And, this past week, it was on sale for $10/m.

That’s more than %50 off.

So I bought it instead. My precious 50%-off coupon will, it appears, expire, unused. 5m of red wool, 1 of black. The idea was to create something similar to my long-destroyed HBC blanket coat, with pieced-in or applique’d stripes, either for my long-neglected Lady Grey or even a rehash of my Winter Coat pattern (with the standard collar and lapel this time)



I’ve mentioned before that Tyo is in need of a new winter coat this year. And I’ve toyed with the idea of making one (provided I could throw it together quickly enough. But I didn’t think I had a good pattern handy, and am still worried  about whether my construciton techniques will be warm enough to get me through the winter.

Probably I should’ve spent that $60 on a coat for Tyo. Hence the guilt.

Girls' double-breasted coat

Then, yesterday, I stumbled again across this pattern. Cute, no? I originally downloaded it in September off the Lekala website when they were offering free downloads (in limited sizes); it came in a kid’s size 120, a bit small for Tyo.

But, many of the Lekala patterns are available, albeit in limited/fixed sizes, from M-sewing.com. So it occurred to me to check over there.

Now, I have to admit I’m pretty suspicious of these pattern companies. The few reviews of Lekala patterns have agreed that the instructions are useless and some of the measurements perhaps dodgy. More, I just don’t GET it. I don’t know where they come from, why a Russian site and an English-language one are offering the same patterns (albeit with a different sizing system), one for free and one charging. I guess basically, I don’t know where the money is, so I’m wary.

That being said, there are some pretty cute patterns on the sites, and I’m pretty sure I can throw a coat together without instructions at this point. I showed this one to Tyo and she said she loved it. Especially if it were in red. With, say, a black collar.

So I was able to download the coat off the m-sewing site in child’s size 134, which is Tyo’s

M-sewing pattern image

Burda/Ottobre size, and the measurements SEEM compatible (I should probably measure her again, however, to be sure). The other problem with the m-sewing (but not the Lekala) downloads is that the PDF isn’t tiled for printing at home. Apparently newer versions of Adobe Acrobat will tile it for you, but my archaic version won’t, and the built-in tiling software in my printer is limited to set sizes. I could print it at a copy-shop, but that would require spending actual money (as opposed to money on ink and paper, which doesn’t for some reason count), which I’m disinclined to do on a pattern I don’t trust. So I spent some time messing around with some equally archaic software, “poster printer“, and have what I HOPE is a reasonably-close printout.

Next step, of course, will be muslining. I figure whatever fabric I use for my muslin I’ll re-use for underlining, thus alleviating a) waste, and b) warmth worries. Unless of course it’s a total wadder, in which case, well, I get to use my red fabric for ME. Although with 5m of the red I really should have enough for a coat for Tyo AND one for me, even if I can’t use the Lady Grey pattern.

Of course one other big question remains: will I have time to get this done in November?



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12 responses to “A coat for Tyo?

  1. You are so brave. I finally got my pattern for the Jenny skirt printed, and I can’t bring myself to tape it. To start out with a pattern NOT dummy proof, egad. I can’t wrap my head around it!

    The pattern’s adorable! If you can get something for her AND something else (in order to use up the yardage!) that’s awesome! And I think underlining with the muslin is BRILLIANT! I hate the waste of muslining. I throw away so much fabric it kills me. I’m still working through my stash of thrifted sheets-for-tableclothes we got for our wedding, but they’re almost gone. And it’s still waste, even if it’s inexpensive waste!

    • Yeah, waste is my main issue with muslining (well, that and laziness 😉 ). I think you would totally rock the Jenny skirt, however (or at least a skirt of similar lines… I can’t comment on the pattern). I find the taping up goes pretty quick since I got a paper-cutter. 🙂

      • ahhhh!!! I HAVE A PAPER CUTTER! I didn’t even think of it – i bought it when I made our wedding invitations (scrapbooking is really NOT my thing, I’ve pushed it all out of my mind!)

        I am going to get it – that will help so much! Brilliant! Thank you!

      • LMAO! Glad to trip your memory! I feel strongly ambivalent about scrapbooking. On the one hand, it seems like a waste of time… the phrase “processed life” comes to mind.

        On the other hand, it looks like such a lot of FUN.

  2. Celkalee

    What a great girls coat if you can get the pattern to work! I had one very similar to that…red with a black velvet collar! Good luck, sew fast:)

    • I love the lines. There’s not so much that can go wrong for fitting kids (as long as it’s big enough, anyway) so this feels like a good way to test out the patterns.

  3. I’ve come across m-sewing before but i couldn’t get the patterns printed. Have you noticed that ta lot of their things look like Burda’s

    • I can’t say I noticed a particular resemblance to Burda… that being said, I’m pretty sure over the years Burda has tackled pretty much every style of every garment ever designed, it’s kinda hard to imagine clothes that aren’t like something in Burda. 😉 Or maybe it’s just that stylish “European” thing.

  4. The pattern looks lovely, good luck with it!

    • Thanks! First muslin went together quite well but was very snug (a good width for a shirt, not so much for a coat). Not sure if it’s the drafting or my printing ;). Now to decide: find larger size, print larger, or just try to grade up current printing.

  5. Sewista Fashionista

    The girls coat could be very cute especially as the cut is so conservative but the color is that bright playful red. I understand the guilt thing. A local shop recently had a great sale, but I am on a fabric fast. I rationalized and bought lining because I would have to buy it anyway to use up my existing fabric and I wanted to support our one and only local non-chain fabric store. At least that is what I am telling myself. 🙂

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