Picky zippy

Inadequate zipperosity.

I don’t have a nice grey metal zipper. Why do I give a flying fig about the colour of the zipper in these pants? I don’t know, but I want one that’s metal, either grey or black, and I don’t have one. The one metal zip I do have kicking around was purchased for my Jalie jeans and isn’t quite long enough. Grr. If I had thought about this I could’ve popped by the Sewing World by the train station on my way home from work today, because while they don’t have much that’s of use to me, they do have zippers (and needles… I need a new twin needle, too… my old one finally died, though it lasted much longer than any of its predecessors.)

While I’m wishing, I’d like some pinking shears too.

Anyway, as you can see, I have not made significant progress on the pants.



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7 responses to “Picky zippy

  1. I never ever, no not ever, have the correct zipper. Zippers, in fact, suck.

    I’d send you a grey metal zipper… except that I don’t have one.

    Jumbo pink plastic separating zipper? I have one of those.

    • Yeah, I have a grey plastic jumbo one (for some odd reason). Normally I wouldn’t care, honestly. But for some reason, I’m feeling stubborn this time. I must have illusions of these pants turning out well. (You’d think the welts would’ve cured me of that by now…)

  2. CGCouture

    Hopefully, you can find a zipper today on your way home from work. 🙂 I’m with Beangirl–I have zippers in freaky colors that I’ll never use and have no idea how they got into my stash…:roll:

    • I have some of those, too—I picked up a bag of random zippers at the thrift store a few months back. But they turned out to be mostly huge, heavy-duty (like duffel-bag) zippers with gigantic pulls… in the weirdest range of colours. There are a few good ones, though… just no grey. 🙂

  3. I’ve put a white zipper in brown pants because I was determined to have them done so I could wear them to work. I will be re-doing that pants sometime soon

  4. I will go through my stash when I get home this evening. My friend gifted me with her grandfather’s stash (he was a tailor). Perhaps, there’s one in the batch.

  5. Fortunately (or unfortunately with respect to my pocketbook)I made it to Fabricland this afternoon and purchased not only a grey metal pants zipper, but grey thread and (oh dear) a significant amount of wool blend coating. We’ll be talking about that soon, I imagine. Thanks everyone for the offers and commisseration 🙂

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