Lullabye, and good night…

Bambi nightie

Bambi nightie

So nice to work on something that isn’t massively long and involved and impossible to finish (like the coat).

This is made out of that same black cotton with a woven-texture stripe as the black JJ and the halter-top. I still have a bit left, however. My hope is that the kind of relaxed texture will make the wrinkles not drive me totally crazy like the last cotton nightgown I owned. We’ll see. As this was basically a wearable muslin, I’m not going to complain. Did I mention I cut out the 34? (I am so not a Burda 34). However, due to the stretchy back, it works fine, although it’s pretty snug to wiggle into. But I think that has more to do with the narrowness of the back elasticized panel—a lot of the other people who’ve made it mentioned the same issue.

Bambi nightie

I pretty much followed the instructions for construction (other than my technique for elasticizing the back), and I wish I hadn’t. If I’d had a modicum more forethought, I would’ve been able to finish all the seams on the inside smoothly. As it is I ended up with a seam below the bust that I had to zig-zag and just press down. Not exactly awful (considering half the time I don’t finish my seams at all), but a little irksome when with a minor pattern alteration all that extra could be tucked up inside the bust pieces or something. Something to think about when/if I make this again.

Burda recommends you zig-zag over round elastic for the back panel; several other people have used shirring with good result. I was going to shirr, but realized I have no black elastic thread. So rather than waiting for me to get around to running to Fabricland, I decided to insert several lengths of regular 3/4″ elastic and stitch casings for them. Not a terribly scientific process, but it worked, and the result is not strikingly unattractive.

Bambi nightie

Back view

Downside of a tight black nightie: it gets those awful white shed-skin/deoderant lines on it pretty badly from rubbing against myskin as I pull it on.

Of course, I won’t be able to sleep in it until tonight, which will be the real

Bambi nightie: Elasticized back panel

test :).

In Self-Stitched September news, the weather has actually improved and it’s pretty nice out today, so I wore the capris for one final go. The air is fairly warm but the clouds are keeping it from heating up really fast—the opposite of our usual “the air is cool but the sun is hot” thing. It’s kinda creepy, but I’m not going to complain.

Self-stitched September 25



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12 responses to “Lullabye, and good night…

  1. kbenco

    Your Bambi looks perfect.

    I also love your blouse – is that the Burda downloadable pattern?

  2. Your nightie is beautiful! very short, but cute and pretty!
    I reckon it’s better for nighties to be a little tight, so they don’t migrate around your body during the night.

  3. That’s one cute nightie! Also, I’m totally in love with your jeans-sewing skills. I’m currently working on my first pair of trousers and they’re a pain to fit even though they aren’t supposed to be slim…

  4. gorgeous as always!! i’m passing on the beautiful blogger award to you, thanks for being lovely!

  5. The Bambi nighty looks great!

  6. funnygrrl

    Can’t put the capris away quite yet! Gorgeous weather. Woo hoo!
    The Bambi is beautiful.

  7. Very timely! I just taped together this pattern and started tracing last night. Random question: did you add the length of the lower hem bands to the front and back skirt? I’m making a nightie and I don’t want it long, but I don’t want it to be a top, either. It looks like it’s long enough without the bands, but I can’t tell for sure.

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