New white Lydia shirt

Today, I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a load of bricks. Also my sinuses are pressurized balloons. I officially have my first cold of fall.

This slowed me down a bit, but I still managed to almost finish another Lydia shirt (still needs hemming, but as

Holy swayback, batman!

Zena said, “wearable is climax. Done is denouement.” I guess this explains why I always have to post stuff before it’s quite done. I shortened the back through the armscye, (to match the front) which I think you’ll agree looks pretty good. This white fabric, although nice and stable,

has very little recovery so I think I will need to take the whole thing in a bit. It would probably be perfect for a drapey, tunic sort of a top. Of course, I have no patterns like that.

The poses are a little uninspiring due to the aforementioned hit-by-bricks feeling, and I definitely need to hit the hay, so I’m going to keep this pretty brief.

Self-Stitched September Day 19

Danielle layered over Lydia #2

My supervisor was having the annual lab wine & cheese at his house, so I got a wee bit dolled up. My supervisor suggested I should start selling clothes on Etsy. As a frame for this, he sells chainmail and his wife sells jewelry there. I refrained from asking if he would prefer I did that or write my thesis. πŸ˜‰

All right. The bed is calling. Anybody out there care to swap respiratory systems?



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12 responses to “Shirted

  1. Ahh pants re: the cold :(!

    The new white Lydia looks good – how are the shoulders feeling on this latest version?

  2. Don’t you love all the ‘you should sell on etsy/open a shop’ suggestions? (along with ‘oh, you sew, can you fix my zipper/hem my pants/make this two-sizes-two-small dress I bought at Target magically fit me??’) I always laugh at the selling suggestions. My shop would have very few items, all sewn for a woman with teeny shoulders and huge hips. And priced exhorbitantly high….

    That dress is super cute on you! and the stretchy arms are very ‘you’

    Hope you feel better!

  3. yeah, what is the deal with people thinking just because you can sew a shirt in, uh, four days, you could turn around and sell them at some kind of a profit? Sheesh. I would think a guy who makes armor would have some sense of the time constraints. Even whipped up chain mail takes time to assemble, let alone real chain mail that’s hand linked.

    Do not ask me how I know that.

    Hope you feel better! (Nice dress, too.)

    • lol. He makes his chainmail (mostly keychains and dice pouches and other little things) in the evenings and sells it at prices that don’t reflect the time taken. Especially if you consider what he gets paid/hr at his day job. He doesn’t make his own links, though πŸ˜‰

      • Zena

        If you have a compulsion to make something that, if you don’t sell it, will sit around the house collecting dust – sure, underprice yourself. I suppose it would just go to Value Village anyway.

        But when it’s a challenge to find the time and energy to start with, selling it (for the prices that people would be willing to pay) just doesn’t make sense.

        Personally, I don’t like to sell my stuff. I feel like it’s worth more to me to make as a gift, or maybe take a trade.

        Sorry, hot button topic for me there πŸ™‚

  4. hmmm, are you ph.d or masters? in what kind of bio? inquiring scientific minds want to know!!!

  5. Marie-Christine

    Sheesh! It’s probably good you refrained from that answer :-). But you’d better not count on that supervisor to push you too hard into finishing, which clearly you’ll have to do yourself. You can always sell dresses on Etsy when you’re looking for a job, eh? It is a very nice dress. Hope your sinuses match it soon..

  6. funnygrrl

    I’ve been sleeping a lot. Obviously fighting off something. I’m sure it will hold off until a long weekend. I always get sick on long weekends…
    The white Lydia looks great. I need to sew some basics. Especially since it sounds like you won’t be selling them on Etsy. πŸ™‚

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