Tyo’s Creation

Tyo's First Sewing Project

So after more than two weeks of being missing in action, the bag portion of Tyo’s first sewing project resurfaced in the “sewing room” (stuffed at the bottom of the bag with the Selfish Seamstress’s fabric, no less… That woman’s evil pervades everything she touches!). Since all that was needed to finish it off was one, maybe two seams, it really didn’t take long.

The kid, the bag, the cool socks

I wouldn’t really call it an independent sewing project—I did the darts in the bag, theapplique skull, and sewed the ribbon on the strap, but she did most of the rest, including turning the strap. Probably she could’ve done more if I could bear to be a bit more hands-off, but I have issues that way. It’s not good, I know.

But the bag looks pretty cool and she’s pretty stoked about it, so I’d say life is good. Now we just need to find a big skull button šŸ™‚

The inside, fully lined



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4 responses to “Tyo’s Creation

  1. Hey, for a first project I’d say that’s pretty awesome and also an appropriate amount of Mom-help.

  2. What a terrific first project. Good job!

  3. funnygrrl

    That is a great bag! Remember the lame first projects we did in home ec? Binder covers and pencil cases in boring fabrics. The problem is that if you’ve created a monster you may have to lock up the fabric and notions!

    • As far as I know none of the home-ec classes available to me even included sewing (otherwise I might have taken one!)… but I do think this worked out to be a pretty good first project—and it’s given her the confidence to start making her own little things, which is how I learned to sew.

      But yes, definitely keeping an eye on the stash ;).

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