All Emo’d up an nowhere to go…

Why so serious?

So yesterday I wrote, and bummed around, and wrote, and did some laundry, and wrote, and wished I was sewing, and wrote some more. Basically I was a good little scholar. What I didn’t do was get motivated to do anything like fix my hair, put on makeup, and take pictures. Anyway, I was wearing the same thing as today, only without the long-sleeved Lydia underneath (it was in the laundry. I better hurry up and make a dozen or so more of these…). We are definitely getting into repeats territory here, folks, and with the weather being crummy I can’t even spice up my photos out-of-doors. Also finding sewing time in the afternoon/evening now that the kids are back in school is getting HARD. It’s like I put them to bed, make lunches for the next day, and all of a sudden it’s time to go to bed myself. Also last night we played Dragon Age: Origins (Witch Hunt), which was technically my birthday present so I couldn’t really ditch to go sew.

Self-Stitched Sept. 9

Contemplating the rain...

But here’s me for today, anyway. The weather has gone craptacular the last couple of days (not that it’s been good for over a week at this point, though no snow yet thankfully), so today’s photos are a reflection of my state of mind. I guess I should really be wearing the black jeans to complete the outfit, but I think all y’all get the idea.

Blue fabric for the Ten Year Old, yellow for the Seven Year Old.

Just to prove that I am still at least thinking about sewing, here’s some fabrics the kids picked out on the weekend. Well, Syo* picked them out, Tyo was home sick, and I’m not sure she’s thrilled about the sparkly blue remnant Tyo picked, but she’s stuck with it. Syo’s yellow is slated to become one of these sundresses (nothing like sewing seasonally, I tell ya), and Tyo wants the top from this outfit. Yes, that is a page from Patrones. No,

Patrones Kids' issue... Tyo* wants this outfit. The whole thing.

I haven’t found a local source for these… this was a another “gift” from Her Selfishness**—two whole, kids-only issues of Patrones magazine. To be fair, the kids have only earmarked about half the patterns for me to make. And I do better muddling through the instructions in Spanish than I would in most other languages (I don’t speak Spanish other than what you pick up from Dora the Explorer, but I do have a bit of French)

And on that note, I had best get back to my work. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes, and also the help from the people who commented on the Lydia fit issues.

Self-Stitched Sept. 9

Now... back to work!

*I’ve decided to knock off Beangirl and start calling my kids Syo (the seven-year-old) and Tyo (the ten year old). It’s not quite as cool as her T-Bo and T-Lo (The Big One and The Little One) but I’m getting tired of writing out “the seven year old” every time. This will work okay until next summer when they turn eight and eleven and are suddenly both ‘Eyo’. Meh.

**Doubtless a calculated attempt to distract my from my own selfish sewing… children’s clothes are no threat to her sewing supremacy, after all.



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11 responses to “All Emo’d up an nowhere to go…

  1. Ahhh… I thought that looked familiar. Of course, I’m assuming you actually remember the names of your children, whereas I call them TLO and TBO for a very good reason (well, it’s better than “Hey, you!” I guess).

    But more importantly: Why in the world did SS have TWO issues of a kids-only magazine??? I mean, does she honestly think we believe she was going to make clothes FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS??

    And even more importantly than that: Where can I get one?? Because it’s all about me.

    • Well, I gather the magazine as a whole is adult patterns, these were ‘special’ issues she got when she had a subscription. (I believe she mentions them in the post about why she stopped her subscription, too 😉 )

      Although there is that kids’ tutu pattern she has up…

  2. LOL! Repeats are like high-quality TV viewing – they are classics not repeats hun ;)!

    P.S. Maybe call your daughters… T.O.D. (the older daughter) and T.Y.D (the younger daughter) – no need to change it when they have a birthday thay way?

    • Lol! That would work, too. I think I like Tyo and Syo, though… I might just keep them regardless of the birthdays. 😉

      • See, you’re so clever! I totally like that plan. Plus “Tyo” and “Syo” sound like some sort of weird twin Greek demi-goddesses who wander around the world doing brave deeds and saving men from mistakes born of hubris.


        Or that could just be me… maybe that’s not what it’s like at all….

      • Hmm… I think they’re more like opposing forces of chaos, sowing discord and entangling mortals in their endless petty squabbles. Probably they cause hurricanes, too. Well, maybe just tornadoes.

  3. Sz

    Tyo – the Roman goddess of Terror
    Syo – the Roman goddess of hmmm, silliness?

    Of course, when they’re eight and eleven, they can be eyo, and eeyo. Easy to type, just be have to be careful of a sticky e-key.

  4. Zena

    How about Ares/Mars’ cronies, Phobos (terror) and Diemos (fear)? Or Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), Odin’s pair of ravens?

  5. lol what about 7yo and 10yo, then next year they can be 8yo and 11yo?

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