Day 2: Back to School

Self-stitched September, Day 2

Today’s outfit is a triple-slam (or something): Self-stitched jeans, blouse, AND tank-top, because the sheer JJ needs something underneath. I haven’t worn it with the cream tank before; usually I wear it (when I wear it… it’s not an everyday kind of garment, if only because the seams aren’t holding up well at all) with a blue tank top or cami underneath. It looks ok with the cream, though, aside from the belly-flash because the tank isn’t long enough to stay down.

In other news the next JJ is making some progress, though I’m sad to say I may not have enough scraps for the ruffle variation I want to do. I’m sure you’ll see it in a day or two. The Monster’s bag is still MIA, as well.

Oh, and look what I just found:

Now, today was the first day back at school for the kids. I thought (silly me) I had everything organized. Lunches packed (lunchboxes found), new backpacks purchased, everyone has shoes (they need one pair to wear and one to keep at school for indoor shoes… the one wonderful thing about the schools here is they buy all the school supplies, all you have to do is pay them thirty bucks or so in school fees, so I don’t have to worry about those)

Wait, shoes.

Seven-year-old’s shoes are good to go. She’s got three possible pairs to choose from and only needs two.

Ten year old…

wait, what? None of your runners fit anymore?

Well, just the one pair.

Well, where’s the one pair?

I don’t know.

Frantic searching ensues. We end up pulling out one of the old pairs of slightly-outgrown runners for indoors and she wore boots for outdoors. Scrambled out the door, got to the school five minutes late, found them their classrooms, run home, sit down at the computer, and…

Look what’s sitting behind the computer tower?

yes, those are indeed the 10-year-old’s runners.

Where the ten-year-old stashed her shoes.

[insert appropriate blasphemies here]

Anyway, now that I have a child-free zone I should really get to doing some of the real work I have to do. In the meantime—enjoy your Self-Stitched September!



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2 responses to “Day 2: Back to School

  1. Oh my gosh – what a troublemaker!
    Cute outfit and completely self-made, excellent!

    • Why, thank you! Yeah, you guys have convinced me to try the whole month self-stitched (barring outer layers)… I figure I will blog the first week or so before it gets really boringly repetitive 😉

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