Kasia---view 1

Well, for better or for worse, it’s done. I am going to need some major help styling this… so far the black JJ (pictured) is the best (though it doesn’t show up well at all in the photos). I’m wondering if it would work well with a

Kasia---view 2

Port Elizabeth top—something blousier. I don’t know. This is a foreign concept to me. Also this skirt craves heels. It demands them. For a girl who lives in ballet flats, this could be problematic. I can rock a pair of platforms if necessary, but those wouldn’t be right, either. And I just can’t imagine wearing these pumps all day. I would cry. Maybe with my big kneehigh boots… I could see spending a whole day post just trying on different wardrobe items with this skirt.

Kasia---view 3

I’m not sure if the red buttons are for keeps; they’re the only big-enough ones I had a set of lying around. I do like the colour, but I wonder if something silvery/blue, more in keeping with the colour scheme of the skirt, would be more flexible.

Sorry for the crummy pics; the indoor light isn’t great and

Kasia---view 4

the neighbour was out in his yard so I felt kinda funny clomping around on the deck in my (loud) heels taking pictures in front of him.

In other news, I bought a remnant of ivory tulle at Fabricland yesterday when I picked up the topstitching thread. So fun! I want to use it with the mass of ivory chiffon left over from my sheer JJ blouse to make a crinoline/full petticoat. Y’know, for all those full-circle fifties skirts in my wardrobe.

Well, if I have the petticoat I might make one, right?

This is assuming, of course, that I can get the tulle away from the seven-year-old.



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7 responses to “Kasia—Complete

  1. Wow you really fly through sewing projects! You will have no problem come September! Do the kids sew too?

    • If you go down a few posts or click the “kids clothing” tag at the side you’ll see some of my older daughter’s “sewing” creations (modeled by my younger daughter)… they dabble although I should probably start the older one on real projects. I’m a self-taught sewist, so actually teaching them is sort of foreign to me :).

      The only thing I’m worried about for September is having enough warm-weather gear, as September here is definitely not an extension of summer.

  2. Cute! Oh and as for worrying about teaching them…. my advice is don’t teach them inspire them. Then answer their questions,I wish when people were trying to teach me as a child they said things like ‘I have never thought of doing it that way,’ rather than ‘that’s just the way it’s done!’

  3. Very sweet skirt. I think it is very flattering on you.

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