My first Burda Magazine!

My First Burda (Magazine)! (I'm not manic. Really. I'm not. Ok maybe a little.)

Last night a little bird took me to a newsstand in town that actually carries BurdaStyle magazine. For the low, low price of $10 Canadian, I am now the proud owner of the August issue! (And then I got home late and had to go to bed without reading it!)

On the upside, it has lots of cute little jacket patterns that call for about 1.5 m of fabric (the same amount I have of my grey herringbone). On the downside, most of these seem to be in petite sizes. Now, I have a shortish body so I might actually be able to pull off a petite bodice (might)… but how much am I going to have to lengthen the arms? Although some of them look pretty long already…

Cute petite jacket. Are the go-go-gadget arms really long enough?

There’s also this really cute kids jacket my oldest daughter would totally rock:

Totally seeing my 10-year-old in this.

I can’t say any of the pants are especially appealing to me, although they’re probably good basics (and I am still in the market for basic patterns). There are several cute skirts, but we all know how often I wear skirts. There are a few cute tops, but a lot of them are big, floaty blousy things that look lovely on the models and I would feel like a whale in.



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4 responses to “My first Burda Magazine!

  1. cheryl

    So Jealous that you found somewhere nearby to test the waters on Burda Mag! I couldn’t find anywhere so I ordered of ebay, and they ended up being somewhere around $20 plus shipping!
    I love my subscription though, even if I don’t sew enough from it, I have too much on my wish list and not enough time to sew!

  2. Renee


    You wouldn’t happen to be from Vancouver area would you? I am trying to look for cheaper alternatives to Burda than my current subscription at $14 per issue. Thanks in advance!

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