I F#%@ed up

Adjustment intended to raise the centre back of my jeans.

So after the last time I made up the Jalie Jeans, I decided the back really was too low and that I should raise it. So I took my pattern and slashed and pivoted to raise one side.

Observe, please, my adjustment.

Those of you who are keener observers than I will realize that the side I expanded is the side seam, not the centre back seam. Therefore it does nothing to the centre back, and plenty to throw off the side seam. Aren’t I brilliant?

I think I’ll be able to make it work by shaving off the top of the yoke, but man… I am severely choked with myself.

On the other hand, by following Debbie Cook’s tutorial step-by-step, I managed to install my first “perfect” fly. I really don’t do well with video tutorials like the Sandra Betzina one, oddly. I think I find it harder to keep my place in the process, or I miss steps as my mind wanders.

Redemption is a perfect fly?

Unfortunately it’s adorned by some of my least-perfect top-stitching, but ah well.

chalk-transferred pattern

I rather like my pocket design. I don’t have any real transfer paper, so I improvised with sidewalk chalk on a sheet of regular paper. It was rather messy, but worked well enough for my simple pattern, and it seems to have all come out. I also experimented with one of my few fancy stitches.

Embroidered pockets---fancy stitch!

I really like this denim, though—it’s both heavy and stretchy and soft, a good combination, I think. Now if only I hadn’t f#$%ed it up!



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5 responses to “I F#%@ed up

  1. seemane

    Re: the back of the jeans – is it the yoke pieces that you cut out wrong hun? Could you not turn them over and use the reverse-side on the outside & have it as a feature (as a contrasting lighter section)… it might look cool!

    P.S. I love the simple but cute effect on the pocket-stitching, very nice!

    • Sadly, no, the yoke is fine. It’s the main pattern piece I messed up. I think it will work (although the yoke is going to end up paying the price for my mistakes). You’re right about a contrast yoke looking cool, though (I had actually toyed with doing this pair piece-meal with my black denim so I could get a full-length pair, but in the end decided I wanted something more “conservative”) 🙂

  2. seemane

    Ooooh, re: the top-stitching on the fly, did you try one of these eBay – Prym/Dritz Fly Front Template 🙂 ? stitchesandseams used one in step 16. I’ve bought one from that eBay seller & so did who I recommended it to sewiknittoo, who had been searching for one.

    Sewiknittoo blog – Fly Front Template
    Sewiknittoo blog – Look what I got contest

    • No, I haven’t, although I did use the curved pattern piece to draw out the line… the issue is more with my stitching the lines accurately than drawing the lines nicely 😛

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