The Wearability Report

In other news, since I’m not sewing, I’ll give you a quick “wearability report,” since I have been wearing a lot of my self-stitched clothes. Unfortunately since I’m the only one who ever seems to take pictures, I don’t have photos of my stuff “in action”. The 70s Sundress has gotten the most attention, partly because it’s a showy piece, and (or but) partly because it’s the most “home-sewn” looking of my recent creations. It’s also gotten at least 3 “make me one” requests from relatives… including my cousin who then flatly refused to give me her measurements (since I would have to alter the pattern… she’s a wee bit bustier than I). Seriously… if you can’t deal with the idea of your own measurements, sweetie, don’t even ask about someone sewing you something. The best was a woman on the street at the street festival that’s going on right now (I love our summer vacation home, by the way):

“Where did you get your dress?” she asks. “I love it!”

“Actually, I made it,” I confess.

“Oh!” she says, “Do you sell them?”

I had to say no; she looked very disappointed.

The kids love their jean jackets, although one of the smaller snaps has already come off of one; the older niece, as you can see here, loves her twirly dress (the younger is still pretty much happy to wear whatever, and get it gloriously dirty).

I tried out the black halter top yesterday. I was not really comfortable about the length, but it was a hot, summery, short-shorts day. It garnered instant approval from the kids and hubby, and more day-long complements from the other people we were hanging out with, so I guess it’s a win after all, in all its skanktastic glory. I now have a fabulously even and dark upper-back tan, although my legs are still pretty pasty.

I took the black jeans in one last time (!) and so far they’re wearing deliciously (and not garnering any comments about me making them for someone because everyone assumes they’re RTW). I’ve been wearing the blue tank top a ton (although largely as jammies since I forgot to pack a jammie shirt.) It too flies under the radar. The fabric is going to pill pretty badly, however (which I had heard said of rayon jerseys), but ah well.

You know, I think I’ve almost managed to start my Self-Stitched September early… I’ve been trying to wear at least one self-stitched item each day, because I feel more excited about getting dressed when I do. I actually feel disappointed if I have to wear all RTW. I’d love to step it up to a full Self-Stitched commitment (instead of my current lite, one-self-stitched-piece-a-day level), but I don’t think I have the numbers of pieces, especially since a lot of my summery stuff will be non-useful (especially for work). With any luck there’ll be Do It Yourself December or something.

On that note, I’ll sign off. Maybe I’ll have some thrift store finds to show off later! 🙂


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