Quick, plain, practical

My stylish and sophisticated pattern

This morning I spent a few minutes tracing the outline from my favourite tank-top, and made my first knit tank-top pattern.  The top is finished with fold-over elastic, which I stretched slightly as I was sewing; I could’ve done a bit more stretching, or at least stretched more

1st tank top

evenly, but it’s decent. For the bottom hem I ironed a wash-away stabilizer into the hem and used a double needle. This is supposed to reduce or prevent tunneling. I haven’t washed the stabilizer out yet, so we’ll see. It seems to me like the tunneling pops up not so much when you’re sewing (depending on the fabric) but when it gets stretched out later. Anyway, it was fast

1st tank back

and simple and can be a wardrobe staple. This is another “unknown fibre” fabric, so I have no idea what the recovery will be like. I’ll let you know in a few days. For future versions I hope to snaz the basic idea up a bit, but I wanted to see if I could do a basic one first. Apparenly I can (even without my serger!)

1st tank---side view



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