My head is full…

Of ideas I’m not going to have time to make.

I still have at least 3 items to make on the “for other people” list. None of these are really optional.

  • jean jacket for my younger daughter
  • top/dress for my younger niece
  • another shirt for the hubby (actually the same shirt, but in this fabric.) This one will probably drive me nuts. But not as nuts him bugging me about sewing it for him. I’ll start as soon as I’ve picked up some knit interfacing. And recovered from the trauma of cutting out that cowl top.

As for the “me” list? It’s long, disorganized, and different things keep bubbling to the top.

  • I want to do another set of jeans (and so much for having the fit scoped out… the black ones stretched out when I washed them and now need to be taken in at least 1/4″ on each side. I guess I should wash and re-try them on before I put the waistband on…)
  • I want to try a simple shirred top out of the white crinkle voile. But if I’m going to do shirring, I should really do some things for the kids to practice first.
  • I want to make a white sundress (also out of the crinkle voile, but I would need something else for the lining, and I really don’t want to buy more fabric right now)
  • It would be fun to make a skirt. I haven’t made myself an everyday kind of skirt, ever, I guess.
  • various tunic tops keep bubbling through my head. I like things fitted around the bust, but I don’t like zippers for everyday clothes… I saw an idea on Burdastyle where a simple top like this was pulled in at the back with several horizontal elastics. Lacing could also work, but that’s a bit more work…
  • and a tank top
  • and a batwing top
  • and another whack at the Anna top
  • and, and, and…

Okies, you get the idea.


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