So… you remember the One-Day Shirt Challenge?

Well, the shirt is done. Actually, it’s a smashing success. He’s worn it almost every day since I finished it (as he wears a uniform at work his day-clothes don’t get a lot of wear). It looks especially dashing with his tight black jeans.


“I need a shower today,” he says.

“Not now, I’m tired,” he says.

“I feel fat today,” he says (yes, my beloved boy has body-image issues.)

Seriously, I am just about ready to strangle him—or at least vow to never make him anything ever again. What’s the point of sewing him stuff if he won’t let me take pictures of it to put up here?

… okay, perhaps my priorities are a little skewed… but still. One picture? Pretty please?

So, so far, the pic on the floor is the best I can do. Just believe me that it looks really good on?


Hmm, not really an improvement...

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