A real oldie…

This was my highschool grad gown (aren’t I cute?). I didn’t sew it. My mom did.

The catch?

She made it for her highschool grad, in 1970.

Peach is not normally my colour, I must admit (it isn’t really one of my mother’s, either). But isn’t this an awesome dress? Square neckline, princess seamed bodice, empire waist. It doesn’t get much better, does it? And so classic. Timeless. The gloves and handbag were also from when my Mom wore it; the necklace and shoes (not shown) were my own. The wrist corsage was courtesy of my excellent grad escort. I am secretly hoping one of my girls will wear this gown some day… though at this point I’m not sure if either of them will ever be big enough. Their dad’s family is, ah, small-boned.

The trophy was for Art, by the way. Aside from this photo, walking across the stage with it was the only time it was in my possession. I have a little plaque. Somewhere.



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4 responses to “A real oldie…

  1. Um well I don’t know how small boned your DH’s family is but girly your on the tiny side yourself. So your girls well yep they should be really small gals :O)…

    and on a side note that has nothing to do with nothing. I have always wanted to wear my hair super short but nope its long. I have a small head and face and I think I could pull it off. Maybe someday I will do it! Yours looks cute in this photo and the way you are wearing it now :O).

    • Heh. Although I’m slim, I’m fairly broad-shouldered and generally rectangular (something I share with my mother, although she didn’t pass on any of her generous bust). The women in my hubby’s family are pears, with teeny-tiny ribcages and shoulders. Tyo seems to take after them in build, Syo more after me, but since I’m going to be surprised if Syo makes it past 5′ 2″, I’m not holding my breath that either of them will ever be big enough to wear my clothes. Although maybe that’s actually wishful thinking…

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