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1948 hat-making book, complete with patterns!

When I was home the other weekend, my mom gave me this vintage 1948 book: “How to Make and Trim Your Own HATS”. It contains plenty of info on everything from refurbishing old hats to making new ones from scratch—and of course lots about style. And patterns!

I don’t really see myself getting into hat-making (too much stuff to buy, and much as I love hats in theory I don’t wear them often), but it’s quite a fun read. At some point I’ll go through it more thoroughly and post highlights. However, one pattern in particular did stick out at me, the pattern piece for the crown of a six-piece brim. As far as I can tell, this piece would be perfect for Burdastyle’s  Summer Sunhat tutorial. The grid is supposed to be 1″; I scanned it at 300 dpi, if that helps anyone print it out better.

Pattern piece for a six-piece hat crown.

Disclaimer: I have not tried this piece. The book suggests using 1/3″ seams for a 22 1/2″ crown circumference, and 1/2″ seams for a 21 1/2″ hat.

Incidentally, the shirt is done except for buttons. He won’t let me take pictures until it has buttons on, however… so I have to go pick up buttons tomorrow.


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