Just in case you’re not sick of them yet…

Here’s a few more of the fully finished jeans.  I wound up hemming them the full length; the physical inseam measures just over 33″. It would be perfect for a boot-cut with flats, too short for a boot cut with heels, and is maybe a teeny bit long for skinnies.



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6 responses to “Just in case you’re not sick of them yet…

  1. These look great! I found your site through burda… I love that you actually make the projects I’m a bit intimidated to start (the JJ- buttons! jeans- fly zipper!) and they come out fantastic!

    • Thanks! Zippers still scare the heck out of me… the nice thing about the ones in the jeans is that in the finished product, you never see it! (a good thing since I haven’t got one in properly yet.) Buttons aren’t too bad, either—if your button’s in the wrong place, you can always move it. 😀

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