Denim, denim, knit. The greyish denim is actually slightly sparkly.

might be too big of a word for it, but it’s gotta be almost time to stop buying fabric and start SEWING. Yesterday I bought 3m of sparkly blue, slightly stretchy denim, and 4m of a stained, really fine white knit ($2/m!!! yes it looks like crap, but even if I can’t get the stains out I can use it for muslin/knit-sewing practice without feeling guilty!)

Lovely stains!

The picture also shows a bit of the 1m remnant of dark-blue stretch denim I picked up last week. I think I’m set for denim for a while.

In my own defense, the sparkly denim is for the Burda kids’

Burda kids' jean jacket pattern

jean jacket pattern that I picked up last week. I also grabbed a variety of topstitching and denim thread for upcoming projects. And I still need to find a fabric if I want to make my hubby a shirt for the mediaeval faire later this summer (it’s not until mid-August, though, so that’s not too big a deal). And I wouldn’t mind some white cotton to make me a few more summery blouse/tops…who knows, maybe even a summery white sundress. Ok girl, getting ahead of yourself. Quit justifying. Start sewing.

I did (by dint of some tantrum-throwing) get some work done on the Danielle dress last night, which I will photograph later. Now that it’s sewn to the band, the bust is doing something wonky, so I will a) have to re-sew that seam, and/or b) wear the Cast-Iron Bra* underneath. I still have to cut out the lining, too. I really shouldn’t let myself get this far ahead in the construction before everything’s cut out. I hate linings. Actually, I just hate cutting, so it’s better to get it all out of the way at once, while I’m in that space. But I did the cutting early last week and didn’t get the lining fabric until Friday, so I’m kinda hosed on that front.

*the Cast-Iron Bra is a heavy duty, add-a-cup-size, molded foam bra. Its shape and fullness are lovely and absolutely unrelated to what I happen to have to fill it with. The first time I wore it to work, I kept waiting for someone to call me on it… “c’mon, we saw you yesterday… who do you think you’re fooling?” 😉 )



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2 responses to “Moratorium

  1. seemane

    Have you ever heard that saying “My eyes are bigger than my belly”? (which is kinda like saying I’ve eaten way more than a bellyful of food – but it all looked soooo good & now my waistband is protesting too much)… cause I think that just like you my fabric-stash-buying is bigger than my capacity-for-sewing-time LOL! I KEEP on buying new fabric (all cheaply though… as if THAT’s an excuse – opps!) last week I bought 4 metres of a narrow striped blue/white cotton seersucker for £1.00GBP ($1.50 USD at current exchange rate, I used this site to work it out :)). But, I’ve nearly finished sewing up a simple gathered skirt from the striped fabric using this tutorial from Gertie’s site:
    so maybe I’m not such a bad fabric-stash hording lady after all LOL!

    • I’ve also noticed that fabric looks better when you can’t or don’t want to buy any. I never find so many good, cheap fabrics as when I’m stone broke. So far I don’t have a huge fabric stash—aside from the purchases of the last few weeks, what I have is mostly scraps and remnants—but if I keep on going this way, I’ll be there very, very soon.

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