So it just occurred to me… I am usually about two sizes larger in the waist than in the chest/hips. I am resigned to that. But I’ve been musing about trying to make a vest for my hubby (he likes vests), and I can’t find any free patterns for men’s vests, but there are several for women’s. And then I go to check the sizing, and it dawns on me.

My husband has a 40″ chest and a 32″ waist. This proportion fits much more squarely with women’s sizing than men’s… and much more with women’s than mine.


Damn man.

So maybe he will get a vest made from a woman’s pattern after all ;). As long as I don’t tell him…

PS: I have actually been sewing madly this weekend, just nothing completely finished. The gambeson I am helping a friend make is almost finished (and actually got worn today… aparently it served its purpose well) is almost finished… we’ll get pics once he has all the buckles on it. For something that looked pretty much like a pillow when we started, I’m kinda impressed with how it’s turned out. And I am working on my third JJ, in black cotton this time, which is shaping up nicely and will hopefully be done tomorrow evening. And I want to make jeans. More jeans. (I don’t actually need jeans now. Nor do I have money for fabric. Ok, maybe one pair of dark, “presentable” jeans so I can give the crazy-eighties washes a rest would be nice. And a pair of boot-cuts… everything I have right now that doesn’t have holes in the knees are skinnies. And there might be enough of my stretch-denim left to whip up a pair of short shorts… just to practice my pocket stitching, you understand ) And jean jackets for my kids. But I think I’ll have to actually buy a pattern for that.) And I want to make a Danielle dress up for a friend’s wedding reception at the end of the month, but really I already have LOADS of formalwear that would be appropriate that gets very little use) Anyway, I keep hoping that the sewing bug will wane so I can get back to something else like, oh, cleaning my house… but no luck so far.



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2 responses to “Measurements

  1. seemane

    Re: men’s free vest try this pattern from I’m British so I’m guessing a vest is a “waistcoat” ? Because, in the UK a vest is a sleeveless t-shirt (ie a “tank”: LOL!

    Seemane 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s one that I was checking out… also the Franzi (though I would have to mess with the princess-seam in that one, I think) :). Yes, I mean waistcoat. 😉 I am firmly North American in my clothing terminology, I fear… it’s quite confusing (especially as my brother adopted a bunch of British terms while living in the UK for a couple of years). A sleeveless shirt I would call a tank-top, undershirt, or (if feeling crass) a wifebeater (the girls’ version then becomes a boybeater). And I won’t even get into the hooded sweaters issue… 😉

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