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Billions of (rice) baggies…

Today was one of those epic days. I was up at 5 AM to get Tyo off to a school ski trip, and really didn’t stop running until the kids got home from Hip Hop at 7:30. Then it was … Continue reading


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Baby Steps

I salvaged this pattern from an assortment of sadly bedraggled sewing paraphernalia that belonged to the late grandmother of a friend of my husband’s. Let’s just say that it was a bit of a sobering look at what I don’t … Continue reading


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Prezzies (2)

More fun, although considerably more time-intensive than Style 2304, was Simplicity 1149. This is probably in the running for cutest little pattern ever. I was a little concerned about the width vs. length ratio, and obviously that kind of horizontal … Continue reading


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The joys of experience…

The thing about making something over and over again—especially in rapid succession—is that you should, really, be getting better at it each time, right? Well, that’s the theory, anyway. After finishing the littlest jeans ever last weekend, I figured I … Continue reading


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The littlest jeans… EVER.

I didn’t sew for my kids when they were little. I think I made one sundress-type-thingy for Tyo when she was two, and as sundress-thingies go, it was not impressive.┬áSo sewing in these extremely small sizes is a bit new … Continue reading


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The Mini Minnie Dress

I firmly maintain that Minnie Mouse has no monopoly on red with white polkadots, any more than Miss Piggie has a monopoly on pink. Nonetheless, this is the thing I have heard second-most-often about this dress, in either of its … Continue reading


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I was going to wait

until the little coat was done. But, as usual, I am impatient. And Syo was eager to model. Really, she twisted my arm. So here it is, sans lining hem and buttons. With the puffy fleece lining it’s a bit … Continue reading


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I feel a little unpatriotic for picking a baseball over a hockey metaphor. Oh well. Progress on Fyon’s coat was continuing incrementally but steadily (holidays are definitely over) until last night I realized that the coating fabric really should’ve been … Continue reading


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Attack the pink fluffy bunnies

Well, I have started work on the coat for my older niece. This is my first experience sewing with fleece and it’s, well, interesting. For one thing it’s filled my house with tiny pink blobs of fluff, which are getting … Continue reading


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