The (not so little) black dress

A couple of months back, maybe not too much after I announced the impending twinpocalypse, one of the sweetest people on the internet, Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow, offered to make me (and/or impending babies) a present. Being an irredeemable mooch, I naturally eagerly agreed, and then didn’t think much about it. Me Made May came and went, June whizzed by, and my wardrobe shrank slowly, while my energy and motivation to sew replacement pieces ebbed lower.

Well, last week Gillian let me know a package was on its way. How exciting!!
In the meantime, the latest Sewcialists Mini-Challenge dropped: spin the wheel, get a colour from the Sewcialists logo, and make something in that colour. By Sunday. Anyway, I conveniently (or boringly) spun black. Blue would’ve been more fun, but I have plenty of black fabric, and my machine and serger are both threaded with black from the Myosotis, so there was a lot to be said for it. I was toying with the idea of a black knit dress, not too flashy, maybe in a rayon knit if I could find the energy to dig through the bins, with either a circle or handkerchief skirt. I’m really liking how my knit Vogue 1312 is holding up to the rigors of pregnancy, and something along those lines (but sleeveless, and a simpler skirt) seemed appealing.

So imagine my excitement when I opened the wee little package (which arrived Friday afternoon) and found a black rayon knit dress with a handkerchief skirt!!!!

It also came with strict instructions to modify and hack as needed, for fit or boredom.

The theory was perfect, the practice a little less so—in the super-stretchy black rayon the bodice was loose, and the weight of the skirt pulled it WAY down, to around where my waist used to be–when it was meant to be more empire-lined. But this also made it perfect for the mini-challenge. I carefully cut off the skirt, took in the side seams, and trimmed an inch off the bodice. While I was at it, I narrowed the binding a wee bit, for a more delicate look and also cleavage (I did not do a good job, I will note. Oh, well.) So in the end I wound up re-sewing every seam but the shoulders, including the awesome tag:

And I did take a goofy before picture (as per Gilliam’s request), but apparently not in a form that I can find later.

In any case! Behold the dress! In final (?) form. It is, of course, perfectly comfy and breezy and stretchy while also being suave and possibly even svelte (to the extent that anyone pregnant is svelte).

I may still have to trim a bit of length off the skirt, as it’s long even in these heels and likely to keep growing. But that’s easily done, and either way I have a fabulous and practical new dress!



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13 responses to “The (not so little) black dress

  1. Cindy

    You look adorable! Great dress.

  2. Katherine

    Wow, what a friend! You look great in the hacked version. I have been thinking all things handkerchief hems this week so it is fun to see your version.

  3. You look fabulous! And what a nice gesture on her part! 😍

  4. gilliancrafts

    You look so fabulous in it!!! Kristin and I agree you have found your magical angle in photos, because I definitely thought you were closer to 5’10”! Your new patio set iup is adorable!

  5. Wow and wow, you look so chic and svelte and sumptuous in the gift. Gillian is such a gem isn’t she?!

  6. Mary

    When you made your announcement about the babies, someone suggested you make slings and such. I don’t mean to be a downer, but there are unsafe versions. If a babies head is forced down towards their chest, they cannot breathe. Babies have suffocated in very short amounts of time in such carriers. In one case, a mother of twins lost a twin between the doors of the grocery store, and getting into her car in the parking lot.
    Also, ask for the full, recommended vaccine schedule, and then research the ingredient list for every shot before injecting. (even the vitamin K one has got some iffy ingredients) The insert is the one you want to see. One of my children is permanently damaged by a vaccine… this was preventable, and I live with a great deal of regret. The eye drops they try to put into newborns eyes, are also not needed, and prevent your baby from making eye contact.
    Sorry for the downer, it’s just better to be forewarned.

    • Hi, Mary, I appreciate your comment but I’m a researcher by trade and an experienced parent. I do enjoy baby-wearing, done safely. As for the « vaccine injury, » my kids will be getting the full schedule of recommended vaccines, just as my older children did. I’m much more worried about the diseases they prevent than any minor illness they could cause. The autism link is completely bogus, and the chances of serious side-effects are minute. I’m very lucky to live in an area that still has quite high rates of vaccination, and I don’t plan on bringing that % down if it is at all possible.

  7. I agree ! I think it is so sad and irresponsible of celebrities with no medical background to be influencing Mothers on vaccinations for their children. It is alarming that rates of polio and other preventable childhood diseases are rising because of their dangerous influence. You are correct in saying that the benefits outweigh the risk. Congratulations on your upcoming blessing and you look gorgeous !

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