Bunny hugging

In recoil from the Grad Dress Making, I took out a quick hoodie project. Around here, those are called bunnyhugs.

Actually, my co-worker Jacque had dibsed this fabric for a project for her husband weeks ago, but then he didn’t like it. I jumped on it so fast when she “surrendered” it! You can only see it in the closeups but it’s got this teeny grey pinstripe, which makes it infinitely more interesting than our usual solid black.

Also cat hair, but if you wanted impeccable pictures you sure wouldn’t be reading this blog.

The pattern is McCall’s M6614, which I’ve actually kinda liked for a really long time. I mashed up a couple of different versions as I wanted the princess seams combined with the front zip.

And the lace on the sleeve. That’s a really cute touch.

I made a size S grading to an M at the hip. I wound up raising the underarm seam by close to 1.5″ during construction (my favourite thing about raglan sleeves is how easy this is to do), and I also tweaked the back princess seams to reduce some bagginess there—probably I should’ve done a swayback adjustment instead but anyway. Other than that I only added some length to the sleeves. If I did it again I’d probably add a bit more width at the hip, believe it or not. It’s pretty fitted there.

I like the shaped shirt-tail hem, too.

I added a bit of a point to the hood for that Assassin’s Creed vibe, but I’m not sure it really works. This basic hood is a decent size but not nearly as fun as the Jasper hood. The pockets are inserted into the front princess seam, which is a nice location but limits their size.

One more thing I’m going to brag about—I used twill-tape on the inside of the neck to cover the seam there and for once it went down super nicely! (The white is wash-away stabilizer that helped me stitch the lace on to the sleeve—I’ll wash it away after this thing is done being a project on show.)

The jeggings are ones I made a long time ago, but I made the waistband elastic stupidly tight. Today I took that off, added a big ol’ fold-over-jersey waistband, and repaired a bunch of popped topstitching. I’m much more excited about them than I’ve ever been.

You know, I’ve been meaning to sew myself a black, raglan sleeve bunnyhug since my niece borrowed my last one in about 2011 and didn’t give it back for five years. Well, better late than never?



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13 responses to “Bunny hugging

  1. Love your “bunny hug”. You look adorable! The idea of adding lace to the sleeve is GENIUS.

  2. PsychicSewerKathleen

    Love your hoodie! The shape of the hem, the subtle pinstripe and that lace down the arm are the best!

  3. Super cute! The pinstripes are a great detail.

  4. I LOVE the subtle pinstripes–it’s almost “elegant”…which isn’t something you normally say about a hoodie. 😉 The lace is a fun detail, but doesn’t it limit the stretch when you bend your arms? And I don’t know why you don’t think the pointed hood works, I actually like that detail, for a hood (which I never wear, being a ponytail wearer).

    • The sleeves aren’t overly tight so I haven’t noticed an issue with the stretch—we’ll see once I’ve worn it more. Putting it on took a bit of teeth-gritting!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence about the hood! 😅

  5. We discerning readers DEMAND cat hair. A sign of authenticity, when the maker’s skill and construction details exceed normal home made items.

  6. I love the hug – but seriously, the jeans are awesome.

    • Hahaha! Jeggings for the win! I gotta admit I am feeling more fond of them after seeing these photos—in real life they’re getting pretty beat up and denim knit doesn’t wear stylishly like real denim does (IMO) 😂

  7. Cindy

    I haven’t lived in SK for over 30 years….but it will still always be a bunnyhug to me! Looks great.

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