In August I’m teaching a sewing class (!!!!) at a local quilt shop, and the pattern selected is the Fancy Tiger Crafts “Sailor top”. I need to make a sample up pretty quick, but I wanted to try it out first in something other than the Precious Quilt Shop Double Gauze I have picked out. 

It’s a cute pattern, if not particularly sailor-y in my opinion. I hadn’t run across Fancy Tiger before. Apparently there’s a whole world of indie pattern companies beyond the five or six I keep track of. 

It’s supposed to be a short sleeved top, but I decided I wanted a long-sleeved (ish) dress. Because the best way to work out a new garment pattern is to change the heck out of it, right? 

The main thing I wanted from the lengthened sleeves was a bit of gathering and a sweet little button at the cuff. I was pretty much successful, though it’s not my tidiest sewing. 

My measurements were between a small and a medium. 

Let me rephrase. My measurements SHOULD be in a small, but, um, last Christmas is still hanging around. Gotta figure something out on the diet/exercise front here, people. Body love and acceptance is great, but I am not interested in outgrowing perfectly good handmade clothes. Anyway, after looking at the helpful finished measurements, I went with the small. And it feels a little small, especially across the back, so maybe a medium would’ve been better anyway. 

I had to unpick the shoulders and redistribute where the gathering fell as when I first did it there was way too much fullness behind the shoulder. Need to double check if I missed a marking there. 

When Tyo first looked at it, she said “mom, it doesn’t look like your style.” Teenagers. It’s overall similar to one of the few lingering RTW dresses in my closet. Also, I don’t think she really grasped how freaking short this thing is on me. 

It is, um, very short. Two more inches would have been a very good idea. Alas, with a border embroidery you can’t really tweak the length after the fact. Given the little remnant of fabric I was working with, any added length might’ve had to come from the sleeve, but I’m sure I could’ve made that work. 

For future reference, I cut it 25″ from the underarm. So 27″ or even 30″ would be ok. Noted. It’s cute, but a bit scandalously short for work and not really the sort of thing I’d wear lounging around the house. I’m thinking some white lace leggings would make it a bit more, ah, demure?



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15 responses to “Demure

  1. Caitlyn

    Lace leggings or capris would do the trick. For a different look, a slip a few inches longer than the scallops, with a straight hem and in a contrasting solid color like red, might also work. I think? In my head it would make the border pop, but might look off in reality. It’s a bummer the dress is too short, because it’s definitely cute in a Stylish Dress Book kind of way.

  2. Jennilee

    Lace leggings would be super cute!

  3. LinB

    Or go full-on bloomers, a lรก the originals designed and worn by Amelia Bloomer. Agree, this is a sweet little blouse, but w – a – y too short for a dress.

  4. ceci

    You don’t look terribly comfortable with this length…..but fantastic fabric, and white lace leggings sound fun.


  5. ellegeemakes

    It’s darling on you, a great choice for that fabric! I’d just add leggings or tights and call it good.

  6. Very short, but equally very lovely. hope you find a way to feel comfortable wearing it.

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