Fastest Stash in the West

This gorgeous thick, soft stretch lace came into my Fabricland maybe two weeks ago? And I petted it. Oh, the petting.

But then I realized yesterday there was hardly any left. What? How can that be! We never sell out that fast!

So the last paltry remnant came home with me, to see if I could possibly squeeze a Jalie 3246 maxi dress out of it. Because I need about a million more of those.

And I was so desperate to find out, that I got up early and cut it out at 6 am before work (I start the day job at 7)—with my back seam mod and letting it be a little shorter it JUST worked. (It helped that this is one of those laces with most of the stretch lengthwise. I sewed it up in the hour of downtime I have between day job and Fabricland, and snapped this pic in the bathroom mirror before I left. I probably spent as much time changing the thread in the serger and setting my grandmother’s Rocketeer up for twin needle as I did actually sewing. 
I used a thin and annoying rayon knit for the binding, twin needled in place. There was no time for testing or mistakes, but I got damn lucky. Also that stuff makes decent binding—I hated that much less than any other time I’ve sewn with it. 

And I am so happy with my new super-speedy dress. Though I do need to tidy up the hem a bit. 😉



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9 responses to “Fastest Stash in the West

  1. Just beautiful! You knew what that fabric was ment to be. Great job. Va Va Voom!

  2. Jeff Laskowski

    Very nice creation with a great looking fabric. Whatever it cost was worth it!

  3. It fits you amazing! Nothing like some fast disappearing fabric to make you want it even more!

  4. You are outrageously productive! It’s so pretty!

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