So not cool.

img_3410So a crummy thing happened last Friday. Not a tragedy, exactly, but a bummer. And I’m not mentioning it to condemn humanity, or even as a plea for sympathy (though I’ll take it), but just because this is my record of things to do with my sewing and nothing like this has actually happened with any of my sewing before.

Remember this green dress, Burda 6686, made for a work project a couple of weeks ago? Well, like a good little employee I hung it up at Fabricland, nice and front and centre on one of the little plastic half-mannequins we have for such display, and boy did it look cute, if I do say so myself. (I think my Courtney Love reference was a bit lost, however—it just looked like a sweet little sundress.)

Well, during the busyness of last weekend’s half-price sale, somebody seized a moment when no one was looking, pulled the mannequin down, pulled the dress off it, and walked off with my dress. It was such a little thing it would have fit easily in a pocket…

img_3425So yeah. Kinda bummed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Which I already whined about thoroughly on Facebook, but anyway. One nice thing did happen since then—my management was approved to replace my materials, so I can make the dress again.

2016-03-23 22.09.10-1Plus they threw in a littleย bonus of comp goods of my choice as a partial comp for my time—so I was able to pick up some trims for my next Victorian costume. Because, y’know, priorities. ๐Ÿ™‚

So really I should just buckle down and make the damn dress again, because the last thing I want is the fabric sitting there in stash mocking me. I really, really, really should…




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34 responses to “So not cool.

  1. That’s so lousy! I’m really sorry! Anyone visiting a fabric store knows how much time it takes to make a dress so that’s extra sucky… ugh!

  2. that is so incredibly crappy for someone to do!! Like WOW – CRAPPY! It is such an adorable dress – you have to make it again!!! Super super cute!!

  3. Sara Mayo

    I feel really bad about that. But I’m also wondering what you will do if you see someone walking around wearing that dress… I mean, it is one of a kind.

  4. Heather (Thing I Make, Plus Rocks)

    Aw man, that really sucks. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So hard to remake something when you barely had the chance to enjoy it too. It’s so cute though, so you have to make it again! Are you going to use the same fabric?

  5. Seriously! I can’t believe the nerve of some people. I’m so sorry to read this because it is such a cute dress and you look great in it. Bummer that you have to spend the time to remake it though. Very cool that Fabricland is replacing the materials + trim. That is really cool of them to do.

  6. Well the bottom line is it is theft…. all you can hope is someone so needed a dress … at least they had good taste! Aren’t they kind of silly as they’d know someone there would have made it and it would be a one of a kind…

  7. Susan Blake

    I’m so sorry. I had this happen to me with a sample I made for the knit shop I worked at. And this was after they’d been told it wasn’t for sale because it was for my granddaughter. Some people are just dirtbags. But karma will get come around!

  8. Oh man! That’s crazy! And I second the comment about seeing someone wearing it later on. Hope that never happens!

  9. Sheila Stringer

    In a very backhanded way, it is a compliment . . . And an incredibly sh*tty thing for someone to do.

  10. That is so violatory. So sorry that you experienced a theft – but great that the store has made up for it….

  11. What? Boooooo! So sorry to hear that. Some people!

  12. that stinks — but seriously, who would steal something so easily identifiable? but then, thieves aren’t known for being smart….

  13. Wow – I can’t believe someone would have the gall to do something like that. That really, really sucks. I’m glad you got the materials replaced, plus a bonus. Do fabric stores need security?

  14. Bastards!
    Someone nicked a planter full of bulbs right off my windowsill once. I just don’t get it. Why steal someone’s hard work and effort?!? Bastards!

  15. norma

    Terrible thing to do – all that work. I had stuff stolen from my table at a craft fair and I just couldn’t believe someone would do that.
    Hope you can summon up the energy to make another.

  16. Debbie Yeomans

    What is wrong with people? On the upside if you see someone walking around the streets wearing it you’ll know where they got it from.

  17. So sad that someone would take that beautiful dress. Hopefully it will appear again soon in it’s new incarnation. Cheers, Michele

  18. Wow! The nerve of someone to take your dress off display and out the door. It will be easy to spot if said person dares to wear it anywhere in public. Isn’t that one of the reasons many of us sew? To make something unique that no one else owns?

  19. LA Bohensky

    Years ago I put a lot of energy into making a maternity dress when I was expecting one of my kids. Came out awesome, fit perfectly, was ME. At that time just buying the fabric was a big deal. Was doing laundry in the laundry room of the complex were I lived, and someone actually took my dress out of the dryer/ never to be seen again. At first I was pretty shocked, but then I tried to look at it as a compliment. For it to catch someone’s eye for them to actually steal …..ugh…..must have looked pretty good!

  20. How awful! I’m so sorry that happened, people can really suck sometimes! I’m glad management replaced the material for you and that you were able to get something for your other project.

  21. Jodi

    I’m so sorry — that totally sucks. I hope you get the energy to re-sew it. It was extremely cute.

  22. That sucks SO BAD. We automatically put anti-theft tags in a visible place on any sample that gets displayed in the shop and I just hate that it’s necessary. Why would you do such a thing??

  23. Thank you all! It’s frustrating, but one of those Things That Happen. ๐Ÿ˜› I am very glad for the support (here and elsewhere) and with how my employers handled it! And seriously considering anti-theft tags in the future… >_<

  24. That sucks! You should put a “made by…” sign on the dress so if someone is going to steal it, at least they have to confront the fact that they are stealing an actual person’s hard work. I know at JoAnn’s they display the same dresses at every store so they must be made in a factory somewhere.

  25. OK, your management rocks, but the thief–argh!!! I’m sure there is a special place in hell for assholes such as that. ๐Ÿ˜ก Some people just have no class.

  26. Ugh! Some people! Well, I suppose one way to look at it as a compliment. The dress was just so darn cute, some miscreant couldn’t resist the opportunity to snatch it. Maybe whoever it is will be dumb enough to wear it into the shop one day.

  27. Woah, that’s incredibly terrible. It takes a special type of asshat to steal your hardwork ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    At our Fab-land we deal with a lot of theft too. Complete bolts (minus their boards) leave the store daily, but i’ve never heard of a project being lifted. I should take up karate so I can catch a thief red handed and bust out some sweet moves ;p

  28. Oh, I’m really sorry, that totally SUCKS! Every now and again, travelling, I have a few worries that my suitcase full of my handmade gear will go missing, but to have someone deliberately take your stuff, maliciously; well that’s horrible :((

  29. Sammi Boyd

    A similar story about sample theft: Ready to wear swimwear can be very expensive, apparently expensive enough that someone had repeatedly stolen the sample from the store’s displays. The sample was re-done, stolen, re-done, stolen again…so the next time the employee stitched the garment…with water-soluble thread!
    Hope this makes you smile. Or, plan your next sample….

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