Rinse, lather…


  I made Burda 6686 again. 

Not even a different version. Just longer. And with no edge to cut the sweetness. This one is sugar all the way. 

The fabric is a scrumptious cotton gauze that came home with me as a splurge after Christmas. I wasn’t sure what it wanted to be, but I was in love. (That kinda happens a lot.)

  It’s pale grey shot with blue, though I can’t seem to get the blue to photograph. While I was surprised how opaque my thin rayon was in the first version, this version is definitely sheer, and the straps on my long slip show around the wide neckline. Oh, well. 


It was probably at its best in this mirror shot before I went and wore it all day…

I added lace at the neck again, and a bit more along the underbust seam. This version pulls up a bit during wearing, more than the green one seemed to. I’m thinking it’s that the gauze has a lot more give than the rayon. I tried loosening the elastic at the neckline so there was less pull up, but it just got floppy and gapey. I could add elastic at the underbust but I’m wary of gathering on the skirt portion. 

  I shall wear it anyway. 🙂


Swayback adjustment win: Perfect wrinkle-free back! Well, aside from the wrinkles from sitting in it all day.

 I lengthened the skirt and added a bit more flare than as drafted. I was worried it was too long, but now that I hemmed it up 2″ (machine blind hem this time 😉 ) I actually think it might be a bit short. Certainly too short for the heels I’m wearing. I can always let it out if I need to. 


Did I mention how much I love this fabric? Almost as much as I love that I managed to squidge across my soggy backyard to take outdoor pics in the snow-free part. Snow is back today, of course. 


In my imagination this is the perfect combination of a Regency historical silhouette with modern wearability (for a given level of wearable. 😉 )

Definitely needs ballet flats rather than heels, though. 



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15 responses to “Rinse, lather…

  1. Heather (Thing I Make, Plus Rocks)

    Oh it’s so pretty! I love the colour and the creamy lace and the Regency look to it and that you wore it immediately! Sweet yes, but I think there’s a bit of sass in there. 😀

  2. sewitorthrowit

    I love this one. Soooooooooper flattering on you. And the solid color really shows off the gathering nicely.

  3. racurac2

    When I saw the pictures Regency, Jane Austen and Elizabeth Bennet came to my mind! Lovely!

  4. Andie W.

    I love this one. The regency style is perfect. 🙂

  5. OK – I was wondering where the freakin’ snow went! 🙂

    • Haha! Careful cropping! (Sadly we got a bunch more this week so it’s all white again. Oh, well, this was the wimpiest winter ever so I can’t complain.) 😀

  6. Kristi

    How awesome that this pattern can go from Courtney Love to Regency!! I had to double check that they were the same pattern. You freaking rock! =D

  7. sigrid

    Its really lovely .You make it look stylish and not too sweet.

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