Last minute Xmas sewing


Never really a good idea. Nonetheless, I decided yesterday I should make a warm and snugly sweater for my grandma. It needs to be done by this weekend.

What last minute crazy Christmas stuff are you trying to cram in?



December 18, 2013 · 6:16 pm

24 responses to “Last minute Xmas sewing

  1. Great choice. This is an easy but handy make.
    I made toy puppies but I’m sure something else will get made next week…

  2. No pressure! I’m whipping up a wall hanging and a kindle cover. We can do it πŸ™‚

  3. Heather

    I’m staying in the Yukon this Christmas, and while I got all of my Manitoba and Ontario presents sent off before returning to camp, I’m trying to get a bunch of toques knit up for the Yukon folks, especially the people who are hosting us for Christmas.

    Uh…I don’t know if I can do it…especially since I caved and knit a coworker’s daughter a cute toque…

    Good luck on your last minute stuff!

  4. not christmas – but I decided I needed a new dress for new years eve – complete with lace, beading and general frankenpatterning…..

    but hey – I’ve got another week….

  5. Rattle balls for the grand babies in my life

  6. No sewing, just baking! But I’m sure you can do it in time!

  7. You always seem to zip things together so I have no doubt you’ll get this sweater done for your grandma! I still have to make a couple pairs of sweater mittens and aside from the pesky decorative embroidery they should go together quickly.

  8. You’ll get it done! I am not supposed to be crafting presents but I am supposed to be making a jacket for hubby which is all muslin ed and waiting. So clearly I cast on a hat last night! In my defence I have a horrible cold and sore throat so crawling on floor cutting and sitting in cold dining room at sewing machine is probably not the best idea! Far better to curl up in warm living room and knit!

  9. I admit I’m laughing a little, but only because I do the exact same thing. You can totally get it done!!! I have it in my head that I can make a plaid button down shirt by the 24th. I’m dumb… or am I??? (eye brows wagging). I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year I’m sure!!

  10. I hit a mental road block and still have one pair of slippers that I need to complete!

  11. Let’s see; last minute baby sewing for the kiddo on the way, oven mitts, and baked potato bags for teachers and such. I tried to keep my handmade gifts to a minimum this year, I just didn’t have the energy for it this time around.

  12. I got a bit button-pushing happy, but I wanted to add that that pattern seems like it will be pretty quick to throw together (especially since the fit will be pretty forgiving!), and your grandma is sure to love it! πŸ™‚

  13. Hmmm, let’s see….an infant nightie for a person who ordered one, some more clothes for my two neices (that we are flying from AB to NS to see on Monday), and I threw in a birthday cake for my co-workers one year old to boot. I don’t forcast much sleep tonight. Friday night is DH’s family get together and I wanted to meake so some pj pants for the twolittlest nephes. Oy.

  14. This looks like a pattern for a quick-to-make thing, so you chose well for a last-minute project.
    I keep telling myself I still have loads of time because it won’t be Christmas until next Wednesday… And then I go back to wasting time fiddling with my knitting machine.
    But we’ll be hosting family for two days so at least all the cooking will give me a great excuse not to wear a wonderful new dress.

  15. I am FRANTICALLY trying to finish the log-cabin quilt I am making my niece for her birthday/christmas. I’m working on the actual “quilting” part right now- but we’re doing xmas this saturday, so eeps! I wish I was working on a quickie project for me- maybe next!

  16. LinB

    Knitted woolen socks for all my family members who will be at the X-mas Day gathering. Just found out that a distant cousin will also be in attendance. Don’t want Cousin E. to be the only one there without a gift from me to unwrap! His feet are U.S. size 10 1/2. Sigh.

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