Jeans at last.



I’ve needed new jeans for a while. Like, a really long while. The last pair was these skinnies, a year and a half ago. Which, I’ll add, wound up twisting annoyingly in the one leg, so I don’t wear them much. I think I definitely need to embrace the single-layer cutting for jeans. /sigh.



There’s not much to say about these. It’s the same pattern as ever, the same techniques, even the same frickin’ pockets. I’ll repeat the detail shots from the last post just for the sake of completeness. I did spend some time tweaking my contour waistband pattern, which began life as the waistband from the Burdastyle Ellen pants (which are no longer free, WTF?) but has since gone through several iterations. This version is wide, curved in the back and straight(er) in the front, and doesn’t gape over my butt even a little bit. More importantly, it didn’t gape over Stylish’s butt, which I am really frickin’ proud of, but I guess that’s another post (assuming I can pin her down for blog photos. These non-bloggers, /sigh.)


Front details

Front details

I used this polkadot (?)chambray for the pocket lining and inside waistband. It’s nice, but a bit lighter than I’d like for this purpose, I think, even interfaced. The waistband is fairly wide, and it ended up being a bit floppy, even with my adding a CB seam so the front could be on the grain. Also, I should’ve added two buttons for the width, not just the one. Hopefully we’ll get around to the rivets sooner rather than later.

Back details

Back details

I did not put a whole lot of work or thought into the pocket design. Just something simple I could copy fairly easily. I was busy overseeing Stylish’s pair.

Back view

Back view

Oh, yeah, and I’ve recently discovered the one up-side of having a child large enough to steal your clothes. You can steal hers back.

Side view

Side view

And, while I normally wouldn’t show this much tummy these days (never mind on the internet), Osiris’s reaction to this ensemble was, shall we say, sufficiently positive that I’m gonna put it out there anyway.

Ma butt

Ma butt


Hmph. Done.

Hmph. Done.

Of course, just as I finished these, summer’s last gasp really set in and we’ve had nothing but hot, sunny days completely unsuited to jeans. Ah, well. Winter’s just around the corner and I’ll have plenty of chance to wear them soon enough…


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19 responses to “Jeans at last.

  1. Pretty jeans! You rock in them, the color suits you very much. I love your contrasting stitches too.

  2. Jo

    These are great, I’m in awe! Plus, you rock not only for making them but for internet stomach-baring (and looking darn’ good doing it) šŸ™‚

    And, I just clicked over to your other post with the jeans tips: they are GREAT. So many things I would never have thought of. My first pair is hopefully going to get made this autumn and I will be referencing you, expert or not (but you are, you know!)

    • Thank you!

      As for the tips… Sometimes I’m all like “Oh yeah, I totally know how to make jeans!” but there’s so many other little things that occur to me, that might make it better (but I have to try to find out) or that I’m not sure how to deal with… learning never ends! šŸ˜‰

  3. Fantastic jeans!! I always admire when people make great jeans… that’s a hurdle I haven’t crossed yet LOL. Love the jean-y details, especially the topstitching on the bum – nice job, and very inspiring! šŸ™‚

  4. Love it! I am not surprised to hear that Osiris was pleased with your outfit. Not at all.

  5. If I had your figure, you’d be hard pressed to find me with a full-length shirt on. šŸ˜‰ You are like the Queen of Jeans, so I’m not surprised that this pair turned out cute and nicely fitted. šŸ™‚

  6. Bonny

    Wear with pride: they aint no MOM jeans!

  7. Great job on the jeans! And I love the little splash of polka dots on the inside.

  8. Gorgeous, love your jeans. Very flattering on you, as well.

  9. Nicely done. I need a stretch pair too but I’ve got one cut out in Patrones and a burda traced so I might give the Jalie a go somewhat later… XD

  10. Definitely the jeans queen. These are fantastic. I’m so impressed by anyone who makes their own jeans, especially when they’re this good.

    Also, your husband has excellent taste.

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