Moving day


In a couple of hours, here, I go to pick up the van so we can move our furniture into our new house.


Can I just skip to Sunday, when the worst is over?


I am so looking forward to the reunification of at least the majority of my sewing stuff (especially my serger!) though I will miss using my Stylish sister-in-law’s Janome Memory Craft as my main machine.


Just to celebrate (?) I went through the pattern collection and grabbed the images I most want to make.


There were twenty three that jumped out and screamed MAKE ME, and that’s not even sewing for anyone else, or counting projects I already have traced/fabric picked, or are otherwise under way.


And, of course, no sewing this long weekend, because moving. So I thought I’d share a few of the pictures, so you can share my frustration.



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36 responses to “Moving day

  1. geebeew

    Good luck with the move!!!

  2. Hey you! Good luck with your move, and watch out for the postman in a couple of weeks time hun ;)!

  3. staciethinks

    I’m getting ready to move next weekend and cannot wait for it to be over. I feel your pain. Plus, with all this stuff looming I don’t want to do like pack and clean, it just makes me want to sew 1,000 times more.

  4. *Husky, trance inducing voice* Look closely at your computer screen. You want to give me Simplicity 5347, you want to give me Simplicity 5347, you want to give me Simplicity 5347…. Is it working?

    Good luck with your move, can’t wait for you to start being able to make all sorts of nifty projects again!! 🙂 Especially the white view of Simplicity 5347….preferably for me. 😛

    • Yeah, I think that one may have to jump the queue. It’s just my dream dress on so many levels. 😉

      Soon, I’ll be able to go through all my fabric again. All of it! 😀

  5. LinB

    It gets better.

  6. Moving just sucks. That’s it. Even the best move sucks.
    But keep in mind your sewing space! And getting settled!
    Wish I could send a home cooked meal to you but I’m sure the family is looking after you well.
    Looking forward to new house pics!

    • We have been lucky to have as much help as we have, seriously. Although there has been a lot of eating out. The new house is, well, not spectacular, but it has enough bedrooms, the price is right, and it’s in an area we like. 🙂

  7. You have my deepest sympathy. However, the worst part of moving is actually getting your stuff into your new place, after that it is fun. I have made some pretty major moves and the unpacking is always fun. Or is that just me? What is the weather doing there? Please god, don’t let it be snowing.

    • You know, I can think of a lot of ways to describe unpacking and “fun” isn’t really one of them. I mean, I guess opening the boxes is kinda fun, and finding all your stuff again, but then you have to actually put it away and then you have all the GODDAMN BOXES to deal with… 😛

  8. Jodi

    Good luck with your move! At least it didn’t snow today!

  9. Moving on a long weekend? Gross. 😦 I hope it goes smoothly though. And yay for a new house!

  10. 23! Wow… That will keep you busy for a few weeks! I have some patterns in my rafters I am dying to get down- I have no clue what is up there and am thinking I could probably have at least 20 screaming at me! Good luck on the move. I like moving! (As long as I have lots of help!) ~Laurie

    • Uh, yeah. I was a little dismayed that the list was THAT long. I’m glad I have them all logged on my phone app, otherwise I’d never remember. Flipping through isn’t quite as nice as petting them in person, but it’s a lot more convenient.

      Your rafters sound exciting!

  11. Oh there are some gorgeous patterns in there! I’m particularly enamoured with those first two. Beautiful.

    Good luck with the move!

  12. Frustration shared. Moving sucks but at least you will be able to get started on these 23 … perhaps not all at once! Good luck and may you find stash you forgot you had (kinda like Christmas).

  13. I hope you get settled quickly and are able to get back to what you love.
    All of your choices are awesome by the way. Happy Easter!

  14. I hope that your move goes smoothly and that you will fine all your sewing related things quickly… enjoy yourself… Let’s see our list was always… Kitchen, Bedrooms and everything else, as far as what to tidy or set up first.
    I feel for you. As Trumbelinasews said… I hope you find everything you packed up.

  15. Moving is such a pain in the arse. It’s sooo much work, although I suppose there is the reward of the new home at the end. I hope all goes (went) smoothly!

  16. Zoe

    Wishing you all the best for your move. I totally feel your pain about being parted from your sewing stuff, but you do have some damned amazing patterns there that you can get stuck into soon. Good luck and take care xx

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