Another Blogiversary

The dress formerly known as Simplicity 3965, alias the Star Wars Dress.

The Star Wars Dress, probably my crowning achievement of the year

My blog is three today! I had totally forgotten. It would’ve been so nice to make a pretty dress, too. I didn’t do anything special like make up a little pattern to share, and since I still can’t seem to manage to mail things (don’t ask about all the Christmas cards still sitting, in stamped envelopes, on my computer desk) I don’t dare even do a regular giveaway. In fact, the only reason you’re getting a post at all is that a) I happen to be off work today, and b) I am bumming around because I have a cold, and c) WordPress sent me a notification via the mobile app reminding me it’s the blog’s birthday.

A lot of things have been intersecting lately that make it harder to blog. At least, harder to blog well. I’ve never had a backlog of projects unblogged the way I do now—at least three or four items, although none are terribly spectacular. Winter, of course, is always a problem in the photography department, and I don’t have a good indoor photo location here. Having the family and old friends around is awesome, but it means we have more stuff to do and people to see than we ever did in Cow Town. My sewing stuff is scattered over three different locations, so when I do get a few minutes here or there, I am often stymied by needing this thing or that. Worst of all, my growing kids are no longer going to bed at 8:00 every night! I depended on that two hours of “me time” to do most of my sewing and blogging. (I don’t have my train commute to read blogs anymore, either, so I am way behind there as well.) Now, by the time they’re in bed it’s pretty much my bedtime. I rarely do any sewing on a weeknight, and if I do get some done on the weekend it’s usually a little bit stolen in the morning before everyone else gets themselves going. And I’m not a natural morning person, either.

This is not a goodbye post, mind you. I’m still a diehard obsessive. I fall asleep thinking about sewing at night. I wake up thinking about it in the morning (if not the middle of the night). My fingers itch with the desire to be making something, or talking or writing about it, pretty much every minute of the day. And there are lots of great things about sewing in my hometown, from meetups to brainwashing mentoring my sisters-in-law, to fun and quirky fabric stores other than Fabricland (even if they are small.) And I’ve been having a tremendous amount of fun doing the digital linework for Cake Patterns—almost as satisfying as making the patterns myself! I’ve mentioned on twitter that we’re moving again at the end of the month—I’m hopeful that I’ll have better photo locations, if nothing else, once that goes down, although the prospect of moving again, even just within town, is exhausting. I should be able to get all (most) of my sewing stuff back together, too!

And on that inspiring note, I think I’ll maybe go have another cup of tea and tidy my little sewing space. The fact that it’s always an insane mess probably doesn’t help my productivity one bit.

Want to cheer me up? Tell me about the most exciting thing in your sewing queue right now! šŸ˜€



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41 responses to “Another Blogiversary

  1. my most exciting thing is my mad men dress! i am frankenpatterndrafting it and am really excited to see if it will work. i’m also itching to get started on pavlova this weekend.

  2. The most exciting thing in my queue is the fact that I bought 3m of this fabric and it arrived yesterday!!! I’m thinking Vogue 8825, although that will of course necessitate me also buying the pattern.

  3. Far

    Happy blogiversary!!! šŸ™‚ And all the best on the move… I’ve got a bunch in my sewing list queue now that I don’t even know where to start! I have this ultrasuede skirt to be refashioned into a handbag (cut, and “hardwares” assembled), an old silk maxi dress that I wanted to turn into a blouse (halfway “harvested”), and a sweater/cardigan pattern I wanted to try out. These 3 are definitely fighting over one another to get done ASAP…

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Your star wars dress is amazing! I love it! Sounds like you’re super busy. It’s always nice to read your tweets, tho. I’m sorta slow sewing these days but I have a couple of costumes I want to have ready for my con season which starts in Spring. I’m making a Doctor Who suit but with a pencil skirt and a vintage jacket pattern. It’ll be my first 50s vintage pattern I use ever.

  5. Happy bloggy birthday!!!! Like you, i’ve been falling behind on blogging lately… partly because I’ve been sewing so many basic things, or ya know, my 8th tiramisu, and those projects hardly seem blog worthy! SOmetimes I feel more like blogging if I just wipe the slate clean and accept that I won’t blog about those FO. Start fresh! šŸ™‚
    I’m pretty excited about my Cordova right now… and pants! (In fact, I probably should have pushed to finish the jacket before the pants patterns arrived, because I’m distracted by the new and shiny!)

  6. Happy blogiversary! And good luck with the move. Having all the stuff together will definitely make for easier sewing.
    I’m working on jeans Ć  la Tanit-Isis right now, so you’re sewing with me in spirit! šŸ™‚
    Not quite the same…

  7. Jo

    Happy Blogiversary! That Star Wars dress is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! And wishing you luck/strength /etc with the move – I can’t imagine doing it again EVER, it was that bad last time, so the idea of moving more than once in quick succession terrifies me!

    Exciting sewing thing chez moi: I am going to rip off a Marc Jacobs pleated circle skirt like this one:

    And I am going to do it without the faintest idea how yet, with fabric I bought today when I really shouldn’t have but I did and that’s that šŸ™‚

  8. Happy blogoversary!
    I can commiserate with the lack of blogging time. I’ve tried to keep up with the reading at least, but life just keeps getting in the way of my blogging and sewing time. But, there’s also been some simple lack of motivation too–I’d rather watch some tube or curl up with a good book or go to the park with the kiddo while he’s still young enough to enjoy that sort of thing.

    I’m working on basics to replace the ones I’m “ungrowing”, so nothing terribly exciting going on around here. Sorry. Once you get through the move you’ll feel more like sewing, because then at least you’ll be able to have everything together instead of spread out over multiple places.

  9. Happy Blogiversary! You continue to inspire my sewing and blogging.
    Always look forward to your posts!
    In my queue are items for my European adventure. A couple of tops, a dress and completing my rain jacket.
    Also trying to stash bust!

  10. Happy Blogiversary! Hope your move is a good thing an you have a fabulous new sewing space!!
    The most exciting thing in my sewing room at the moment is a long black dress for DD, which will be finished tonight in a hotel room. Which means we are bringing a sewing machine to the hotel with us. šŸ™‚
    Oh, and a pair of pants that I finally got to fit properly. That’s two exciting things!

  11. I’m a multi-tasker, so I have nightgowns for my daughter and Pavlova separates for me cut out and ready to go. Next up in the queue, t-shirts for my daughter and boxer briefs for my 3-year-old son (he won’t be modeling those for my blog), then there’s that 50’s/60’s themed party early next month that I should make myself something new for…that’s probably the most exciting prospect, more so than all the other basics I have going on right now.

    Hope your new space is more conducive to sewing/photographing, I miss seeing what you’ve been making. May the Force be with you.

  12. Happy third birthday! Does this make you a blogging toddler?
    I’m sewing a classic jacket in wool, v.exciting for me as I’ve never sewn wool before… and I’m off to London soon!!

  13. Oh honey, there ain’t much crafting happening here. More avoidance than anything on account of my early spring misery. Why is this time of year the most miserable?? On the vaguely exciting front, I am teaching a work friend to knit (socks, of all first projects) and that’s new for me.

  14. Happy birthday to you + your wonderful blog! Good luck with the move–it will be completely worth it once you + family are settled. I have changed homes several times rapidly, too: from BC to ON to a small space for a year, then traded homes with a person who lived around the corner. After 9 months, bought my dream home–a century cottage with a large garden in a great neighbourhood.

    Fabric staring at me now is gauzy, white crinkle cotton with a subtle detail. Thinking of girly Nehru blouse, to enjoy when glorious spring arrives!

    Look forward to following your posts. : D

  15. My most exciting project is a pair of cropped tuxedo pants I’m making using the craftsy Jeanius class. I totally understand how blogging can become one more way to feel guilty. We’ll still be here when you find the time again!

  16. I love that Star Wars Dress, first off! What’s getting me excited is working overtime and saving for a new sewing machine. also the fact that Colette Patterns is doing some new release on Tuesday, even though I have a backlog of patterns already. and Most exciting…getting ready to attempt my first FBA (I really needed to do this a long time ago! It could make OR break sewing for me I have a feeling!

  17. Kat

    I hope the move happens with minimal disruption and anxiety šŸ˜‰

    The most important thing in my sewing queue is my wedding dress – after much dithering and pattern-purchasing, I’ve decided what I want. I’m designating the four day Easter weekend as a major sewing time!

  18. Rosie

    Happy Blogiversary! The dress is stunning!

  19. I love that Star Wars dress! Good luck with the move. I’m sure it will be worth it to have your sewing stuff together. I have a second Tiramisu half cut out and am most excited about the three Vogue patterns and large amount of fabric that will turn up at my husbands hotel room while he is in the US on business. Hopefully it makes up for leaving me with the kids for two weeks!!

  20. Happy Blogiversary! I am in love with your Star Wars dress. So Amazing! The most exciting thing in my sewing pile right now is the stash of stretch lace fabrics we will be using in the next couple weeks to make panties. I am most excited about that! Good luck with your move.~K

  21. Judy Galligan

    Happy anniversary, I do not blog but certaintly enjoy those I follow. In my q
    Is the rendew top and another top from the sewaholic.. I can,t remember which other I orderes. I love her patterns and am anxious to see a few up. Currently I am on Holiday , actually waiting in the airport to began our journey home. My children are grown now and we have grands, so I have time to sew but not always the inclination. I laughed at your description of
    Thinking of what and when you are thinking of sewing, Imwake in the night
    Thinking of what I can sew and what to make it out of. We only have a Joanne’s in our city, so I have a fairly large stash that I accrued before a
    Local store closed it’s doors. it’s 150 miles to the nearest store for garment like fabric or the internet. Lots of quilt stores, of which I visit at regular intervals. Thanks for your fun and lively posts..Judy Gallian. Traverse City Mi.

  22. Welcome to my world. Apart from the thing about winter and photography..
    My exciting news is I made a toile today for my lovely Tessuti competition fabric. I think that might be my third or fourth one ever in 30 years of sewing. I am a slow learner.

  23. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I’m most excited to start on my Charlotte skirt and Darling Ranges dress!!

  24. Shams

    What a beautiful dress! First you notice how cute it is and how perfectly it fits, and then you see the whimsical print. Love it! Happy blogiversary!

  25. Liz

    Happy Blogiversery, Tanit! =D The most exciting thing in my sewing queue is Alice’s blue coat from the Tim Burton film:

    I even have all of my fabric! ….but I haven’t started because drafting this pattern still really intimidates me. And because my sewing life has had lots of interruptions, so I feel your pain.

    PS. Love your Star Wars dress!

  26. Happy B-versery! (Some Bdays are harder than others, no?)

    I’ve just been traveling for work and have finally arrived back home with an excess of mojo. I know what it’s like to obsess when you can’t be at your SM for whatever reason. I’ve got an overload of exciting projects on tap – a couture cami, a self drafted pencil skirt, shirts for my Phin, a faux leather peplum top… Not sure which to do first!

  27. trumbelinasews

    Happy blog-versary! I am sewing exactly NOTHING right now. I suffer from the same problems. I can’t believe it snowed AGAIN yesterday. I am hoping to get some jegging material today that will probably sit in my stash for two years!!

  28. Happy Blogoversary! well, my coat, though unblogged, is nearly done. I have the lining all put together and ready to insert, than I need to do all the finishing and I will have a lovely winter coat, all ready for spring… c’est la vie. It will be pretty next winter.

  29. Happy Blogiversary!!! Three years young! Very impressive. And, your Star Wars dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A thing of beauty. I’m speechless!

    I’m currently sewing a cursed Very Easy Vogue dress right now. Cut myself and got blood in it last week, burned holes in it with the iron this week. BUT, the cheering you up part is this: NOT GIVING UP! Hex or no hex, I am sewing it to the bitter end. šŸ™‚

  30. Zena

    I have a backlog of posts too: winter photography is a pain; my husband has the camera with him overseas, which doesn’t really matter because my laptop monitor is fried (still); work is trying to break me, etc etc.

    One exciting thing for me is that I’ve managed to schedule regular sewing time AND use it. Most exciting project: a T-shirt dress with circle skirt. I haven’t quite worked all the bugs out of my T-shirt pattern (Jalie 2805) to the point of it being a TNT, but it’s good to about where the waist seam of the dress falls. Hoping to finish it this weekend.

  31. I totally understand your situation! I finished school in December and moved back home. Holidays, family, friends, and life needed to be caught up on and getting sewing time was difficult. Now I am super behind because I have a skating rink full of adults who want new costumes! So right now I have skating dresses and tuxedos lined up until June… But I am going to try and get some pretty dresses and useful clothes for me in too. Maybe. If I can find the time.

  32. Happy bday! The most exciting thing in the sewing dungeon is that for the first time in forever, it is almost completely organised. So while I have been doing that, there has been no sewing and barely any blog reading. Sad but true. Soon though I will have something so write about.

  33. I got almost no sewing done when the kids were growing up, except for the sewing I did for them. Moving is horrible. I am sorry you’re having to do so much of it! Your star wars dress is awesome.

    The most exciting thing in my sewing queue is my MOTB top.

  34. LinB

    Happy blogiversary to you! Happy Moving Day, too! Most exciting thing in my sewing queue is Easter dress (skirt, blouse, jacket). Dad’s family always claimed that, if you don’t wear new clothes on Easter, the buzzards will s**t on you. Although they told the children “spit on you,” they used another “s” word among the adults. Have always had new something for Easter, so cannot testify if the buzzards actually behave like this.

  35. Happy Blogiversary! Even if you don’t get to post as often as you want, it’s always good to see your posts! I agree that your Star Wars dress was amazingly awesome!!!

    Exciting things in the sewing queue— I’m currently working on a sewing challenge. There are 3 of us with the same fabric. We’re all sewing something up, and will reveal our makes in April. Quite exciting!

  36. Happy bloggiversary! Your Star Wars dress is amazing and that photo is adorable. Good luck with the move and hey, fret not about the blogging. You blog for fun and your own gratification and you owe us nothing! As for my sewing queue, I’m keen to make a pink leopard sheath dress, and I also have Star Wars fabric and fabric with crazy gun toting space babes in jetpacks and bikinis that I’m plotting for. I’m all about subtle šŸ™‚

  37. Happy blogiversary! i’m in a bit of the same situation myself lately with life changes and all. I was thinking that sewing some underwear might get me motivated to actually sew again. Cream with black lace? That should inspire me!

  38. Wow look at you all grown up and three! Congrats on your bloggy birthday :o)

    Kids getting older is great but crap for sewing but hopefully your next abode will provide a little more usable space for sewing? At least for storage of notions, fabric, machines and such perhaps? Anyway, I’m sewing up a pair of wool blend ponte pants which are going to feel gorgeous when on. They’re not complicated but, being stretch and a new pattern its going to be an interesting fitting lesson I expect!

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