Those who can’t sew…


Especially when certain crafty sisters-in-law suggest treks to new-to-us thrift stores. And then it turns out that said thrift stores are having ridiculous sales. Everything in the image above cost me about three dollars.

The rest of the day was spent scouting half the fabric stores in town for silk charmeuse (the score is 1 out of 3, though I suspect it will fall to 1/6, if I do make it to the others. And I don’t even want to tell you how expensive it is), and bravangelizing to my SILs. We have pretty much decided we all need to do a proper fitting at one of the really good bra stores in town. Of which there are rather fewer than fabric stores, frankly.

All of which was thoroughly enjoyable, maybe even as good as a sewing blogger meetup. But this has been sitting on my ironing board taunting me all week. Maybe tomorrow?



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32 responses to “Those who can’t sew…

  1. OMG love a good thrift store find. It’s like crack to a stitcher

  2. I can vouch for bravangelizing as had myself fitted a few weeks ago and got some new properly the right size replacements for the kinda fit me (aka mostly doesn’t fit me) Things I had ’till now. I tell you, the real dealz are nothing short of stupendous. Nuf said.

    Go get fitted. T’will be entertaining and enlightening all at once. Oh and expensive. Probably.

    Enjoy getting out and about – the dress won’t mind for a little bit.

  3. Well, on my ironing board is a shit load of laundry that makes me scared when I look at it. So I’d switch! 🙂

  4. I totally shop when I can’t sew. You got a nice pile there! Nice scavenging.

  5. Its February! That means I have my monthly allowance to spend again. However, the kids need new computers.

  6. In my mind you live in Thrift Store paradise. Seriously!

    • Confirmation bias in action! 😉 … blog the hits, ignore the (many, many) misses. Although I will say, the Mennonite thrift stores seem to have disproportionately good sewing sections. There was a very nice Greist buttonholer that I DID NOT take home, too. 🙂

  7. Of course you can’t NOT buy good stuff when it’s on such a sale!
    And about the bra-fitting: some people claim one should have herself fitted every year because bra sizes can change over time. I used to think that was rubbish (and I still think every year is a bit much) but I can tell from experience (fitting people for clothes. Which means you, wanting it or not, get to take a good look at their eh… foundation wear) that a great many people wear the wrong size bra. Just keep in mind that sizing can vary from one brand to the other as well, so even if you’ve been fitted well, if you want to buy something from another brand, you have to try it on (but if you know what fit to look for, that is much easier).

    • Of the four of us on the expedition yesterday, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who was wearing anything close to the right size of bra, and even then I’d like to try some other sizes. I think before we go out again, though, some serious measuring and discussion of what entails “good fit” is going to be in order…

  8. I would love to find such a shop somewhere nearby my place. Probably I would moved there .. forever 😉

    • Well, in fairness, this shop doesn’t so much STOCK the silk charmeuse as maintain swatches that can be ordered in quickly. But it definitely has the nicest fancy fabrics of anywhere in town. And I like the idea of supporting a local business…

  9. The dress on the ironing board —- cannot wait!

    I’m all for bra-fitting, but be careful where you go. I went to one with good online reviews and the experience wasn’t great. Its hard to be assertive standing in a room with your shirt off, but going with friends should help.

  10. On the topic of fitting, I can recommend 2 things – 1. you can email me. I’m a good starting off resource if you provide me with measurements and answer some core questions. You can get a Skype bra fitting from Butterfly Bras (in Vancouver). I’ve heard it’s excellent and I love the blog. I suspect it would be a useful experience – and the fitter will be able to recommend the bras SIL should wear – and then she can even buy them and have them sent (free shipping in Canada, I believe).

    • I’d really like to shop local at least this first round, and I’m not sure if I’d be able to get the others’ measurements until the day we actually go shopping 😛 but thank you for the offer. Will definitely look into a Skype fitting if we strike out on the local front.

  11. That’s a great haul for $3! I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so lucky. Good luck with the bra fitting, I should really do it myself when the current batch disintegrates. Will be keen to hear your thoughts. And you’re not the only one that pile of plaid is taunting…

  12. LOL!! i read this post after i ordered a ton of fabric online!! i am officially a fabric hoarder!!

  13. Oh, I know that feeling all too well! This is why it’s so dangerous every time I go back to the Bay Area for work; I don’t have sewing projects with me, so I just hit up thrift stores! And inevitably I find something too awesome to leave behind…

    I’m excited to see that plaid dress, though! Here’s to hoping you find time to work on it!

  14. Nice score on the goods and the sister-in-law. My sister-in-law doesn’t sew or shares my enthuiasm for sewing. Sounds like you guys had a great day.

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