A Tiramisu for New Year



In a fit of “OMG I’m done my Christmas sewing!” euphoria, I traced out the Cake Patterns Tiramisu the evening of Christmas Day and made it up (except for the hem) the evening of Boxing Day. I’ve been running so crazily so long, having a few hours where we’re not supposed to be doingsomethingrightnow feels incredibly luxurious. Or possibly wasteful. Then I went to The Farm (which is liking Going Home, but with about five times as much nostalgia), so it languished for the better part of a week. But finally, tonight, I got to it. Yes, it’s New Years’ Eve and I’m at home sewing. We might watch a movie with the kids in a bit. Big party people, we are.

From Eaton’s Department Store

I used my teal wool Eaton’s jersey, in large part because I had enough of it (although, as it turns out, a fair bit of it had moth holes so there wasn’t as much usable fabric as I might’ve hoped. Poopy moths, anyway. There was enough, just barely) I’ve never worked with a wool jersey before. It was lovely, as wool generally is, I guess. Not too stretchy.

Tiramisu on me!

Tiramisu on me!

I cut, as per my measurements, the size 30D (you have no idea how much joy that number gives me, even though I know it’s not particularly related to actual bra size…). I do like Steph’s sizing system—for the first time ever I could customize a pattern to match my actual measurements.

I made only two alterations, my usual swayback alteration and shortening the bust after an initial try on. I think I caused more issues than I solved, though: one or the other of the alterations was too big, and the underbust seam is now about 1/2″ too high. BUT—the shoulder seam pulls well to the back; if I tug it forward to sit in the right place, there’s about the right amount of length in the front. Which makes me think that the issue was the shortening in the back. Which is why in muslin-making-ville they tell you to make one alteration at a time, so the two don’t confound each other. Number of times I’ve taken this advice? Probably 0. I did take the side-seams in a tiny bit, and might take a bit more off yet depending on how things stretch out with wearing. I’d be tempted to add a bit of elastic to the upper and lower midriff seams for next time, but maybe that’d be overkill.

Many views of Tiramisu

Many views of Tiramisu

Other than that, and some funkiness at the front crossover area (probably also caused by tugging/not enough length), it’s a lovely dress. No complaints about the pattern. I was tempted to ignore Steph’s grainine on the skirt pieces since I’m not using a stripe, but the allure of having them fit nicely on the folded fabric proved too strong.

The length is great, and it’s insanely comfortable. Like,PJ comfortable. Which I guess is standard for knit dresses, but I don’t have many knit dresses. I was iffy about the pockets—last time I tried inseam pockets on an A-line skirt, the look  was not so good. But they don’t bother me, and I can tell they’ll be super awesome for actual wearing (although I had probably better not put too much in them…)

So yeah. Win. Aside from the problems I created for myself, anyway…



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54 responses to “A Tiramisu for New Year

  1. I love the teal! I think everyone but me is sewing this pattern. I gotta get in on this…
    Beautiful dress. I bet you will reach for it a lot.

  2. Gorgeous and this colour is just amazing! I want to make this but cannot find any reasonable stretch where I live. Frustrating.

  3. Awesome work! You look great in this.

  4. I love the colour your chose and it looks great on you. Can’t wait to make mine and if it comes out as good as yours I’ll be one very happy woman.

  5. I don’t see any serious craziness, you’re so hard on yourself! 😉 If you wanted, you could slide the two crossover pieces laterally and re-mark the CF on the pattern for yourself… A crinkly underbust seam has to do with “spacing” if you know what I mean…

  6. Oh pooh to the moths indeed. Little buggers. But the dress and colour is quite lovely.

  7. Houseofpinheiro

    Beautiful dress x

  8. It’s beautiful!! And I love that teal color on you!

  9. Beautiful dress! This color looks great on you.

  10. Looks amazing, and that it’s the pjs of dresses makes it super desirable. I think it might be in my January plan…especially after seeing yours 🙂

  11. Pretty color! And I’m glad you finally were able to make it up!

  12. the color really is splendid. Like everyone else, I’mg glad you got a chance to make it up.

    • Thanks! I was totally in love with dark teal when I was twelve to fourteen, and subsequently have been out of love with it… but I might be getting over the overdose…

  13. Beautiful dress. Love the color on you.

  14. That’s such a pretty color! Boo on moths destroying such a beautiful piece of fabric, but at least they left enough for you to work with.

  15. puu

    the color is too fab. i love the simple solid on you–so flattering, and the length is perfect.

  16. This is a great dress! I like the style and color on you. This is one you could dress up or down. I’m gonna have to check the pattern out for myself.

  17. Oh, I can only imagine how wonderful that dress must feel in wool Jersey! It’s gorgeous on you.

  18. Amy

    How fun! I’m glad to see this pattern getting made up! Knit dresses are the best. I sewed on New Year’s Eve, too… it was fun and relaxing and needed!

  19. It’s lovely! The colour and fit look really great. Wool jersey sounds devine!

  20. fantastic, i adore the color it’s smashing on you! hmmm, i gotta get my hands on some wool jersey…

  21. This looks amazing. I also love the color on you.

  22. That looks awesome! It’s a great colour, I love the little fullness of the skirt without being all out crazy full. I bet you’ll be reaching for that one as many times as SK winters allow. 😉

    • Yeah, with a couple of layers of tights and a slip it’s surprisingly warm, actually… Kind of makes me wish I’d made it in something a little less intense than teal. Of course there’s always next time… 😉

  23. I love knit dresses specifically for their pajama-like quality…and even though I’ve had the Tira pattern from the very beginning, I’ve yet to make it up. Seeing all the lovely ones out there (esp. this one, in my favorite color!) really makes me want to throw out the rest of my sewing queue!

  24. Amy

    What a gorgeous dress!! A great way to celebrate a bit of free time!

  25. Gorgeous Tiramisu. Color is perfect on you. Thanks for the inspiration. Got my pattern about a month ago and am dying to make it.

  26. Joy

    This one’s in my “next up” pile, but I still not 100% sure on the fabric.
    Your version is lovely – I don’t remember seeing you in teal before. Is this going to be a winter dress for you since it’s wool? And do you plan to dry clean (per the tag)?

  27. This dress looks great on you! Just goes to show what a fab pattern it is that it suits such a range of figures. The teal wool id gorgeous!

  28. That colour is divine! The skirt length and shape are perfect and the bodice looks fine on my phone. Plus looks hot, feels like ps? Sounds like a win to me!

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