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Round about 1986 (or was it ’87?) my grade 1 class did art projects making illustrations with plasticine. I think we were reading a book illustrated this way. And learning about les oiseaux. Well, plasticine is not noted for its archival qualities, and a quarter of a century later the piece is showing its age. Not to mention taking up space in my mom’s basement. So this post is to document it, in all its childish, bedraggled glory, so that my mom can let it go to its eternal reward.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled sewing. I promise if I feel the need to archive more childhood relics, I’ll give them their own blog (maybe a tumblr) and not subject all of you to it.

Man, I was proud of that bird, though. I



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15 responses to “Archiving

  1. A lovely bird…I’m feeling a tad bit old after reading that you did this in ’86 or ’87 – in first grade. That was around the time I was graduating from college. 😉

  2. Too right you should be proud of that bird. That’s pretty impressive. I’m not sure what age first grade is but I’m guessing it’s pretty young. I certainly wouldn’t be producing anything like that at that age. Or, you know, now.

    • About age 6, sorry! 😉

      I think it was a group project. I’m also not sure how much “creative input” we had… we may have been copying the image right from the book. 🙂

  3. LinB

    It’s a lovely piece! Your eye for color and shape was good even at that young age. Am here to testify that the plasticine held up better than salt-and-flour “clay” from my own youth. Bugs loved that stuff — and it attracted moisture, melting away right off the plaque onto the floor.

  4. Bri

    Awe thats really cute! It’s great to be able to look back on things like that!

  5. That’s so awesome! Awesome that your mom wants you to document it!

  6. It’s hard to part with things that stir up memories, but this seems like a good compromise (particularly in a medium that does not age well).

  7. I remember doing that! I also remember thinking at the time that all of our illustrations should be done like this, it was so much fun. 😀 I can’t even remember what I made, but it probably involved a tree in a field. Most of my art back then involved a tree in a field, with varying amounts of clouds/sun rays/horses keeping it company.

    I’m very impressed with your picture here! It’s all so cute, and the wee leaves on the bottom right are adorable. Where were you when I was making my trees? We could’ve done a joint project with a zoomed in window showing cool details in my trees!

  8. Now I want to do one of those. Might even have to do one with the kids!

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