Wads of wadders.

Wadders can be cute, too.

I’ve been trying to make myself into a better skeptic, the last few years. Critical thinking and all that. Evidence. So generally, I’m skeptical of the idea of curses.

But right now, dear readers, my (admittedly anecdotal) evidence is that drapey, clingy, stretchy red jersey is, indeed, cursed. This is the second piece I’ve thoroughly demolished (the first was briefly figured here, which top never really grew on me, and the one I made from the rest of that piece was so horrific it never even got blogged.)

So, this is not my favourite kind of knit. But it is one I’ve successfully worked with on occasion. My cowl-neck shirt, for one. My friggin tunic top I made the pattern for, for another. The slinky maxi fabric I used just recently was a little beefier, but not much.

So why did this fabric defeat me so?

Closeup. Aieee.

Partly, I guess, the answer is laziness. What I wanted was a quick knit top to whip up in the hour or so I had before bed. And to trial Jalie 2788, the twist top. Not so much for it’s own sake (although it’s cute), but because what I *really* want to make is a cute dress like this Burda one, but I don’t want to pay five bucks for a download pattern when I already have a twist-front pattern on hand. Albeit  a slightly different twist, but anyway. Yes, I’m a cheapskate. Anyway, because I wanted quick, (and I had cut out the shirt before and tossed the scraps) I didn’t want to sit around practicing neckline finishes.

(More blog shoes)

Sometimes, I manage to get away with this kind of half-assery. Just, not this time. The pattern suggests folding over and topstitching. I first attempted to do this straight; Not going to happen. Cut that off,  put on my usual binding, but it was fiddly and wound up stretched not enough in some spots, too much in others. And I think it’s really a bit heavy for this style of top.. Then decided to use Steam a Seam for the arms and hems. This worked much better, and is what I should’ve done for the neck, too.Why didn’t I? Well, partly because I’ve run out of (or misplaced) my Steam a Seam strip/roll, so all I have left is the wide stuff for applique, and I get really tired of just cutting little slices off of it. I need to get another twin-needle for topstitching, too.

Back view. Could use more swayback adjustment.

And then when I got it to try-on stage, it was too big—baggy and saggy in unflattering ways. The measurements for my size are, seriously, *perfect*—the only alteration I made was to add a little swayback adjustment, since there’s already a back seam. But, the fabric is pretty darn stretchy, so I’m going to blame that on the fabric. So I took it in a couple cm on each side and at the shoulder seam. Now the length to the bust is pretty good, and things are a lot less saggy-baggy except right around the neck binding,  Except apparently I should’ve kept the ease below the waist, because AIEE that is too tight to be flattering. Not my best area, there, upper hips and lower belly. /sigh. Must work on that, soon.

And then I tried to make panties, from a pattern traced off one of my fave pair of boy-cuts, from the remnant

Undies. Fail.

Also fail. Partly for shoddy construction, but mostly because this elastic, which I bought more for its cuteness than any practical plans, is not nearly stretchy enough.

Just for the record, this is probably the third pair of underwear I’ve attempted that didn’t end up wearable.

I’m going to bed now.



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25 responses to “Wads of wadders.

  1. Oh man I can totally sympathize, and it’s good to see even someone as skilled as yourself has wadders ^__^ On a positive note, I love the jean shorts/rocker belt combo you got going on there – that’s hawt ^___^

    • Oh, yes! Perfection, we are not. /sigh.

      Thanks about the shorts and belt—once upon a time the shorts were my favourite jeans, and the belt was a really fun thrift store find. (Sadly, I’m very tough on belts and it’s lost a lot of the picture layer.)

  2. Bah, crappy sewing day. I’ve dealt with thin, stretchy butthole knit like that before, and the results wound up in the garbage. It was such a headache that throwing it out was actually a joy! If you can’t salvage anything from these, I hope slam dunking them into the trash brings a smile to your face, at least!

  3. I like the twist of the shirt, it’s a fabric fail if you aren’t comfortable. It will be great in another fabric.

  4. I feel your pain. I’m cursed by slinky. I think it feels so cool, and they have some awesome colors, but the stuff I make with it just never turns out very well. Have you tried the Jalie underwear pattern? Or the Kwik Sew one? I use the KS one, but I’ll confess that it needs some tweaking to have satisfactory results. Supposedly the Jalie one is better, but I’d already paid for the KS one, so I decided to just work with it. (I guess I’m cheap too…or not.) 😉

    Anyway, in pictures the whole outfit looks amazing, but I know how wearing for pictures and long-term wearing are very different animals. Hope you get some joy out of tossing it in the trash!

    • I keep thinking that undies are SO SIMPLE, so why is this such a problem? Although at this point, I’m tempted by the Jalie pattern. /sigh. But it’s not like I don’t have several options on hand already, either…

      • Me too….I also thought undies are something that satisfy that ” need a quick make out of scraps” and are reputed to be easy….I too rediscovered three pairs I made and failed last week, and now they sit in the bin…I am determined to crack it though. Waiting for sozo’s pattern……;-)

  5. *Sympathy hug*. I have never had success with slinky knits – neither RTW nor sewn by me. Same issues of weird clingy-ness as you. IMHO it is fabric born of pure evil with lump and bump highlighting properties knit into every thread.

    Too bad about the undies though. They look like Underoos!

  6. Sigh. Empathy is radiating across the country to you. I’m not great with slinky knits, either, (never mind their evil properties as outlined by Clio) and it can be horridly discouraging to have wadders. In a row. But your pics are fabulous! If one had to decide based on your photos, I’d say your top was a winner. And I have great admiration mingled with disbelief for anyone who attempts to make their undies. I hope you feel better about it all after a good night’s sleep. Your last line made me LMAO, as that’s usually my solution to all bad sewing experiences!

    • Hehe… Never say a photo doesn’t lie 😉

      The top is almost OK—I’m sure I could wear it without people freaking out—but the issues will keep bugging me. Still deciding what I’ll do about that…

  7. Ooof, that always happens to me when I try to whip up something quickly…my deepest sympathies! And I know how it is for something to look okay in photos, but totally different IRL!

    So, I just got back from the fabric store with a bunch of slinky knits. Crap.

    • LOL! Well, there’s slinky knits and then slinky knits, right? It’s partly in what you choose to do with them, and partly in the effort you’re willing to go to to get the finish right.

      I have a hard time resisting them, too—I have a whole shelf in the stash stuffed with them.

  8. OH man, I feel your pain! For me, though, its polyester charmeuse, that stuff is pure evil. I seem to do fine with the silk variety if I take my time.

  9. That sucks. Sorry. I can’t believe I can successfully sew panties and you can’t. What has happened in the universe? Is down up and up down now? This makes no sense.

  10. I agree with Cindy! It partly happens because you don’t have much time. The hour before you go to bed should be fun and relaxing, and I actually don’t find sewing that relaxing. Especially not when in a hurry. And especially not when working with slinky knits. Then it’s not even fun :). Sigh (or curse), put it away and wait for a better moment or for the Slinky Knit Fairy to give you Magical Slinky Knit Skills. (Please share if she does!)

  11. Yeah… I have yet to “crack” underwear, too… I figure I’ll get there eventually. 😉

  12. But the colour’s good hey?! I’m too scared to do knickers/undies/panties/whatever. And bras? Hell no way to scary, for the record.

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